Arew those 2 mudras the same?

This one

and this one

---I want to know if those 2 mudras are the same bacause in upper image it says that thumbnail should press on the side of the finger at the spot where the cuticle ends as shown in first image.

And in second it says that tumbnail should press against the side of the fingernail at the spot where the cuticle ends. (from ninjitsu book)

Beause in ninjitsu 9 cuts video tumbnail is pressing behind the indexfinger at the spot where the cuticle ends.--- and its aproach is different. Why is the guy in the video pressing his tumbnail obehind the indexfinger at the spot where the cuticle ends and not on the side of it? Is mudra in that video different and where the hell is that mudra sending energy in gods sake ?

Plz someone explain it to me. :frowning:

when I see the word AURA, i now that the article, talk, or whatever has nothing to do with yoga… so you may want to search for some Raiki or New age forum … they might help


in yoga, mudrās are used in conjunction with pranayama (yogic breathing exercises), generally while seated in padmasana, sukhasana or vajrasana pose, to stimulate different parts of the body and mind, and to affect the flow of prana in the body.

When did you saw the word AURA? Isnt this the yoga forum ?

I tried the snackbar downstairs they knew nothing at all about it… ;(

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