Ashtanga Vinyasa

Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone can teach me how to do the moves here :
(Virabatrasana Vinyasa out)
I’ve been training this move for months and still far from perfect.
I don’t know whether I start it with a wrong asana or something else, but it’s just so devastating, especially at the abs when I start lifting the legs up from Uttanasa.

I looked at your link. Are you starting straight from there? This is not the begining. Its weird how they put it on the site. usually when you do the primary series you start with surya namaskar a 5x, then surya namaskar b 5x. then you do the fundamentals and then you do that link.

hope that helps!

Yes I believe Arjuna can teach you those things.
Apparently you can reach him here.

Ashtanga means "eight limbs" in Sanskrit, and refers to 8 key practices outlined by the ancient sage Patanjali. Ashtanga Vinyasa—or Ashtanga Yoga—is a style of yoga that embraces the practice outlined by Patanjali. It is also called Power Yoga or Vinyasa Yoga, because practitioners move from one pose to the next with rhythmic breathing and fluid movements.