Ashtanga Yoga TTC


Where is the best TTC for Ashtanga yoga?

Have you heard of the instructor Mahesh Chandra? Any reviews for his course?

I’m definitely planning a trip to mysore this coming summer for TTC. I’m not sure if it will be the best course but i just want to go to mysore and experience ashtangas birth place. What country are you planning to go to?

Any info or help anyone can give about mysore TTC ?

Hello pinoyvegasyogi420,

I am planning to go to Mysore, India.

I have identified a few shools. The best one out there is Pattabhi Jois, but they do not provide the regular Teacher Training Course or certificate. In fact, I did visit the place some time back and realised that there are a lot of yoga schools there. That makes the task difficult of identifying which one is a good one. Most often these schools do not have a typical campus, they each have a room in a residential area and teach there. Some of these schools provide a PG (paying guest) option for staying.

I am looking for some feedback from someone who has done a course from one of these schools.

The best one that I liked was Ashtanga yoga mysore, (
Their next batch is starting in May. However, Mysore will be very hot in May.

Have you been practicing Ashtanga yoga? So far I have been doing Hatha yoga, but the fact that Ashtanga yoga is one of the toughest forms of yoga attracts me.

Dear Yoglover

what i read from your post that you are looking a good campus and not that hot weather also, so we suggest you Yoga school, Association for yoga and Meditation in rishikesh , here we provide ashtanga vinyasa and hatha yoga and some other forms of yoga in 200 hrs teachers training with certification. the main instructor is Mahesh chand about whom you are talking in previous post.


Thank you for your suggestion!

However my query was regarding Mahesh Chandra and I believe the teacher at your institute is Mahesh Chetan [I]ji.[/I]
Also, I am interested in learning the most intense form of yoga. Hence I am concentrating on Ashtanga yoga.

Your institute looks good, I would keep it in mind as I continue my research for TTC.


Sounds like you haven’t even practiced the full primary of ashtanga yet… Get in class and get familiar with the poses or watch some DVDs. There is a lot of postures to know and get familiar with.

Even if you find a good teacher training course for ashtanga you will not spend much of the 200hrs doing asanas.

Also like sharath jois says… To learn and get into the advance postures of ashtanga, you must perfect the postures you already have :slight_smile: a month of ashtanga will simply not do this.

So I suggest start practicing ashtanga RIGHT now and if you are lucky when its time for your month in India, India may finally help you complete your primary

Oh and yes yoglover, I have been practicing full primary for about 5 months now. Only 2 postures I cannot do well yet. But i am very lucky to have great teachers here in las Vegas. Where do you live?

Thanks for your inputs!

I have been practicing Hatha yoga for about 3 years now and I thought I would manage Ashtanga yoga too… glad you pointed it out. I would start practicing Ashtanga yoga right away.

I stay in India only. That is the reason I could go to Mysore and check out the schools. I plan to go sometime in May-June. But now it totally depends on my progress with primary series.

However, I was told by the coordinator that there are many students who have never tried ashtanga yoga and still come for TTC. But am sure they might have to put in a lot of effort.

[QUOTE=pinoyvegasyogi420;71305]Oh and yes yoglover, I have been practicing full primary for about 5 months now. Only 2 postures I cannot do well yet. But i am very lucky to have great teachers here in las Vegas. Where do you live?[/QUOTE]


Just out of curiosity, (I familiarized myself with the postures and attended the TTC) which are the two postures you are finding difficulty with?

Any tips for Prasarita Padotanasana?

your inputs were very valuable :slight_smile:

Hey yoglover! Congratulations! Me too! The only asana I cannot do fully now is kurmasana.

I have an excellent tip for prasarita padotasana! Imagine physically drawing your sit bones together. (even if they don’t actually move)

Om shanti

hi yoglover, did you go to the TTC by Mahesh Chandra? How’s it is? I am looking at Ashtanga TTC as well.


i have never heard about him… and i have no review

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