Aspergers Client

New student, male, age 19, dx. Of Asberger’s, PDD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, learning disabilities, some speech-language deficit. Just graduated special needs program in high school, is looking into vocational training w. animals. Has issues w. anger, frustration tolerance is low. I feel that Phoenix Rising work and overall breathwork should be helpful. His mother is very harsh with him, very loud, doesn’t touch him, no nurturing there at home. She is angry, frustrated. So, I need to think about which approach might work best: stimulating (to help w. seratonin imbalances and enhance mood)? Calming (settling down disturbed vata)? How much nurturing?

So much trouble, sadness, difficulty. Students on such earnest searches for grace and wholeness in their lives: MS, arthritis, cancer, cardiac disease, crushing stress, anxiety, depression, not to mention the ‘base group’ I always see: low back pain / sciatica / neck / shoulder stuff. The newer student group makes the older one look like a walk in the park. And so, I am remembering your words just a month ago: that I know I’m doing well when Spirit sends me the bigger challenges. Am I ready? I guess so - Shechinah (the Jewish name for the Divine Mother) doesn’t make mistakes, does She? If I wasn’t ready, these beautiful students would not yet appear, would they?

Just writing to you about these things is helpful, and a comfort to me. You know me - I take this so to heart. Many thanks for listening, and for any thoughts, Blessings, Hamsa

I often find that categories of students tend to come to me in a flurry. A whole group of psychologists come, then people with chronic fatigue, then lawyers, then terminal, then backache, then schoolteachers. The pattern changing to me indicates that I am moving my work outside their frame of reference and referral circle. This is good. When a pattern persists I find there is much for me to learn. As a teacher we are all constantly learning from the master teacher.

One student who is lacking mother is of course drawn to you as you are exhibiting qualities of maternal nurturing, 2 in Enneagram, Kapha predominant in Ayurveda, Shechinah in Judaism, all these are quite inviting for those who are in need of healing at a tissue and heart level. For the student you are talking about I would recommend kapha approach, book ended on both sides by gently balancing vata. Thus be strong and clear about what you want yet also give practices that are strengthening. Holding poses yet allowing them to really drink up the stimulation to immune system and charge his endorphins. I agree with you about breathwork, ujjaye wave, and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy both can be quite restoring of what has been missing in his life.