At which age yoga Asanas are best?

You can start your children on yoga as early as 3 years. Begin your children on simple yoga poses at first. Take care to put no unnecessary burden on their young limbs and bones.

We should all know about the benefits of yoga for children. The practice has a huge impact on the body and the systems that support it, like the nervous, respiratory, and digestive systems. Yoga influences children’s emotions and behavior; it has a positive effect on their mental state and aids creativity.

Just like you prep the soil before you sow the seeds, one needs to organize the mind. The mind assumes many stages. While many believe that kids can be difficult to influence, some are actually very receptive. Yoga can help transform the ‘quality of consciousness.’ The quality of consciousness is good when one is conscious and receptive and not so good if you find yourself lost in your own thoughts, unable to focus, absorb or retain information or have a poor memory.

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