Atlanta Yoga Studios - Spirituality vs. Asana


Hi everyone. I am an RYT 200 living and loving in Atlanta and I’m on the search for a studio that focuses less on the perfect asana, and more on the yamas/niyamas and general spirituality. I find so many studios in the ATL area are full of teachers who are size 2 and can contort into the craziest poses (AKA “instagram yogis”) which is GREAT - that is their life, their practice. It is simply un-relatable for a yogi like me. I’m ready to be a part of a studio who doesn’t focus on that. Anyone here familiar with the ATL yoga scene who can help? Thank you! <3 ~namaste~


What is ATL yoga?
Asana is great for many things.
First it is great for keeping the body malleable.
Which in turn keeps the body younger longer.
Not an extension of life, just keeps it working longer.
technically Asana is meant to be coupled with pranayama. Yet the pranayama which agitates the nervous system into action is rarely known, if ever. Yet even then, the point is health of the body and release of subtle tension from the nerves.


Consider All Life Is Yoga run by Rutu Chaudhari. You will find more substance there than most studios and have a great opportunity to study with someone who really understands the foundation of practice outside of asana.