Awakening is not an accident anymore


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Awakening is not an accident anymore[/B]

During the past few weeks I’ve several times come across a specific problem in the spiritual/mind training scene related to awakening. I am referring to the matter of even very seasoned or somewhat experienced spiritual seekers being frustrated with the fact that despite of their long efforts and following the advices they have been given, they have not yet awakened. Adding to this problem, it seems to me that spiritual guides do not always specifically know what awakening specifically is and what takes place with awakening, even if they are awakened themselves and therefore are able to recognise the awakening of others. This is turn has an impact to the instructions and technology that people are told to use or not use in their pursuit of awakening.

I have defined awakening as the dropping off of the notion of me from the place of subject, so I will not repeat it here. My book Awake! Stories of awakening and dialogues leading to it is available for free at Samadhi Path-website so get it and learn about the two part formula, if you are not familiar with it already.
Just letting you know that I have written and edited an extended version of the book that is already finished in the Finnish language. I am seeking a publisher for it at the moment. The present English version of the book that is available for free, is also being edited and extended as we speak.

Popular misconceptions

Couple of popular misconceptions regarding awakening are that A) doing some spiritual practices will somehow make you awakened or B) nothing cannot be done to get awakened. Depending on the situation both can be true. However, based on my long study with masters and work as a direct pointer that has lead to awakening of over 30 people during the past 1? years, I have to reject both of these views as valid statements in a large scale. Based on what I have witnessed I have to say that with the majority of people neither of these views are airtight and therefore they are impractical and misleading.

Practices will awaken you

Committing in some spiritual practices might or might not make one awakened. In fact, based on my years of study and research it seems that, yes some people get awakened through various spiritual practices but these people are a very small minority among the larger mass of awakened people. Therefore, it seems that committing in some practices, whatever they might be, does not naturally and automatically result to awakening, except in few cases.

Nothing cannot be done to get awakened

The claim that nothing cannot be done to get awakened is misleading altogether. Based on my experience that simply is not the case. I feel that this claim is misleading because there are certain things that can be done to get awakened. I am referring to the two step formula that has worked for 92% of people that I have worked with. This is a statistical fact. These people have different social, educational and spiritual backgrounds, and include both men and women of all ages. Some of them have none prior spiritual training or meditation practice history.

Awakening is not an accident anymore

“Awakening is like an accident. You can’t make it happen but spiritual practices make you accident prone.” This is one of the catch phrases I’ve heard. It is true that awakening might come about like an accident, completely unexpectedly or as a side product to some practice but again these people are a marginal group among awakened folk as large. I know personally about 50-60 awakened individuals. Out of them only 2 or 3 have awakened spontaneously or accidentally through some practices. Therefore, I have to refute this view as well. In my experience, there is a way to generate awakening in a pragmatic manner with solid results.


As I post information to the internet about the Guidance to Awakening that I offer, people often meet it with suspect, sometimes as a joke, sometimes with insult. I completely understand these reactions because our present spiritual culture does not offer truly valid methods for awakening. At the same time there is a huge enlightenment business going on all around the world, so it is logical for people to react in this manner. I get it. In such cases I have encouraged people to read the materials I have presented to get a sense of what I am talking about. Fortunately some people are able to meet this information with reason and use it for their benefit.

Two step formula is for all

In this post I have expressed some critical views while at the same time praising the method, two step formula, that I use myself. I want to clarify why I do this.

First of all, the two step formula, is not my invention. I received it intuitively after I had been asked for help by a friend who hadn’t awakened after a professional meditation practice of over 30 years. I thought for a moment what would be the most direct way to help my friend awaken, and snap, just like that, the formula came to my mind. It worked well in my friend’s case so I have used it ever since. It was only later that I read from a source that the same formula is used in some Tibetan dzogchen-tradition as a preliminary practice. I think it is safe to assume that they have been using it for centuries as their tradition is ancient. So, the two step formula is not my invention, it just came to me. At the same time, I have not come across any other method of mind training or a spiritual teacher who publicly uses it.

While I have the responsibility to spread Samadhi Path-teachings that me and my wife have learned from non-physical masters, I have no interest in becoming a famous guru. To me personally it is enough to meet people who are really interested in becoming awakened and especially keen towards attaining karmic purity through Tibetan Heart Yoga, that is the main tantric method that I teach.

Having said that I am concerned with the spiritual situation of people in general. Having suffered a lot myself due to confused mind and dualistic delusion, I feel I want to do my best in helping others to get awakened and even mature further. That is because awakening and karmic purity puts an end to confusion and delusion caused by the dualistic mind. I feel that as a human being and a spiritual teacher I should do whatever I can to bring valid spiritual help to as many people as possible, whether they know me personally or not.

For this reason, I hope that the two step formula would be used by other spiritual guides and awakened teachers as well. It works so well. It gives the desired results in 9 out of 10 cases within the time span ranging from 6 hours to 12 days once the dialogue has begun. In two cases it has even worked without me being involved as a guide, even though later on I verified the awakenings. The percentage (92%) might be higher had I been more experienced in giving guidance with the formula when I gave my first guidances.

I hope this post of mine cleares up some things about this topic, the two step formula and about the Guidance to Awakening that Samadhi Path offers. I also hope that this piece of spiritual/mind training technology spreads far and wide to all those who seek their way out of dualistic confusion.

Thank you for reading,

  • Baba, 20.11.2015


37 people out of 39 total, have awakened through Guidance to Awakening offered by Open Heart (.fi). Don’t postpone your own turn.


One good aspect with great suffering and confusion that people nowadays go through, is that at some point one begins to seek permanent, not just momentary, solutions to one’s problems. This people getting stressed, being confused because of their minds and deep identity crisis is not difficult to perveice in people. It is all around.

A good aspect with all this confusion is that as there is a cause for confusion, then logically thinking, there also must be a way to remove that cause. At this point mind training, that is meditation and especially awakening from the I-delusion step in to the picture. Stress may be easened with various practices which calm the mind and increase relaxation. We can say that we already have a culture for this as everywhere there are yoga studios, meditation- and mindfulness courses, eastern health exercises and so on available. We already know that stress can be prevented and relieved.

At some point however, one will notice that the mere reducing of stress is not enough anymore. The mere settling into calmness is not enough anymore. One will also feel that something is missing or that there is something unsolved. Many people have this feeling all through their lives, ever since childhood, even though their life circumstances may be ideal.

Here we come to meet a matter that is not yet familiar to our culture. I am talking about awakening of the I-delusion or enlightenment which is a central part of all time tested eastern mind training traditions. As with mind training, also awakening does not concern religious or dogmatic characteristics.

Although seeing through the sense of me (I-delusion) is not a known part of our yoga-meditation-mindfulness-culture, it is only a matter of time when it becomes a solid part of it. This is because the psychological anatomy, or better, anatomy of the suffering of man requires it. Mere relaxation or calmness practice is not enough because the stubborn sense of me is the most significant cause of stress and existential confusion of all.

Awakening and enlightenment is talked about everywhere. Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now in which he has told of his awakening is a best seller all around the world, along with other similar stories. So we already have somekind of a picture that 1. there is something called awakening or enlightenment, 2. some people have attained it and 3. it has a significant impact on how we experience ourselves and our lives with everything in it. It really is so. And we don’t have to seek people who have seen through their sense of self-delusion far away.

If you wish to get more information about awakening go to Open Heart-website where you can find clear instructions for attaining awakening and can download a free Awake! -ebook that contains 9 awakening stories.

Thank you for reading,

Open Heart => Guidance to Awakening
www dot openheart dot fi


A further comment from another forum discussion…

Well, sure the teaching of awakening has been existing a long time… But to whom exactly has it been available? And with what kind of expression? Has it been truly understandable? Applicable?

Just a couple of months ago I went to see a well known kagyu rinpoche who taught a class to people whom I knew some of them had practiced diligently for over 20 years. They kept asking what emptiness means… And scratched their heads for rinpoche’s answers… I was heart broken to see that. The rinpoche kept teaching as they usually do, doing fine, saying all the correct things but not being able to get the people to understand, not being able to transmit anything else except inspiration to keep going doing their ngondro and reciting the Tibetan texts… None of the people there were awake. I checked. This is just one example of my observations.

With all respect and love for the buddhist tradition, I agree with what Tenzin Palmo who essentially said that buddhism has failed during the time it has been around in making the world enlightened. I also butted my head in trying to understand a word the well known zen masters said and sat for thousands of hours… The problem was the same there as in the case above. Sure, in zen awakenings happen but it doesn’t seem like it is regular. Rather it seems accidental and random. For some people, in zen, awakenings happen but to some don’t.

I know many more spiritual practitioners and meditators, some of them extremely diligent ones, who didn’t get awake within a reasonable commitment and effort than those who did. My conclusion is that there are few central problems with the picture:

  1. theoretical explanation not being able to explain what awakening exactly is, what the anatomy of it is,
  2. method in general not having particular technology for awakening,
  3. technique aimed at generating awakening in particular being superficial or only vaguely relevant and
  4. no guidance from an awakened specialist available.

There are many awakened guides and teachers out there but having some flaws in some or several of these previous points, the outcome is that very few students of theirs get awakened. For example, I have utmost respect and I’m a big fan of Eckhart Tolle, but I suspect that people who awakened through his teachings are extremely few among thousands who joined his teachings and millions who read his books, despite of his constant effort as an awakened teacher.

So… Has a really simple and direct explanation of awakening together with applicable technique to combine with it, been available to a larger world wide community? I don’t think so.

By saying what I said I didn’t mean that “everyone will at somepoint be awakened”, no. I meant that as yoga, mindfulness and meditation is known today, which is mainstream, the same will happen to awakening as well. But even then we are talking about a small percentage of people being familiar with this matter. I recall a study which said that “10% of Finnish people have at least once tried yoga”. That’s mainstream. By saying that awakening will be popular, I meant something like that.


[B]Awakened on their experiences
All who answered were awakened one year or more before. They all said that awakening has brought a permanent change to their being although there is still momentary attachment to emotional states in their minds. Everyone of them also said that the effect of awakening hasn’t worn out. Therefore it is an attainment that is permanent and irreversible.

More information about Guidance to Awakening may be found at the Open Heart-website: wwwdotopenheartdotfi/
- What awakening has meant for you? What kind of change has it made in your life?[/B]

[B]Answer[/B]: It is the most impressive and profound change in my life. There is no longer a need to imagine me being this or that. No need to seek explanations and relief from books, treatments and no need to forcibly alter the ways of thinking in any way. There is no need to fortify self-knowledge or define what I am, what I like and what I don’t like. It is enough to be. There is no need to seek anything. There is a natural distance to emotions, thoughts and events that formerly created a chaos in my mind. Being calm has increased in my life and the extremes from the height of blissful happiness to gloom and depression has dropped off.

[B]Answer[/B]: Awakening has brought clarity to my life. Meditation is easier. I feel more relaxed. Inner peace has increased. I understand the things happening around me better. Acceptance and tolerance have increased. I am able to notice the happenings around me in more detail as if my ability to be mindful has come better. It feels as if the state of meditation is ”on” all the time.

[B]Answer[/B]: Awakening has dropped off the constant and never ending need to search for ”truth”. Awakening has brought more humour, relaxation, patience, courage and also sense of responsibility and compassion towards others.
Answer: I’ve stopped complaining. Satisfaction has increased. Everything I have in my life is enough and good. If there is some resistance, unpleasant feelings or even anger, the first thing that comes to mind is not that this nasty thing has to disappear of my life. Instead this emotion may be calmly looked at, and seen from where and how it arises and how it ceases. So there is no instant reaction, it can merely be witnessed. It is a great satisfaction that nothing is so serious or personal anymore. If one has lived 30 years feeling guilt and shame, the dropping of that load is an immense relief. Life has become straightforward, natural, even easy. Meeting people has become easier as the inner voice is no longer judging myself or the other person. The other person may have his or her space. A desire to control things has decreased. Acceptance and trust to life and people has increased.

[B]Answer[/B]: After awakening, the inner peace and stability are found more easily than before.

[B]Answer[/B]: Awakening has given a context for the whole so called spiritual path. In many ways it has brought lightness and clarity to my being. It is easier to experience and accept everything that arises in my experience as there is no longer a personal connection to it. There are still many sensations that make my being feel difficult and personal but they become accepted more easily. Life is what it is. If there is an ”embarrassing” situation, for example, which previously I had felt shameful about, now it doesn’t feel so strong and often circumstances like this just make me smile. Old fears and all the thoughts in connection to them do arise but these are also seen as natural ”bubbling” and they don’t bring despair. Seen from the outside, I may appear slightly absent but nevertheless I am not, it’s just that there is no hurry anymore. In overall I’d say that my actions are more incontinent and creative. Being with people is more direct.

[B]Answer[/B]: Awakening was a moment among other moments but a big step towards the right direction on the spiritual path. Through it I have been able to live my life more in a state of truthfulness where the conditioned thoughts don’t colorize the direct experience. And this means everything.


[B]Awakening by reading a book[/B]

The following text is a diary from a friend of mine, “M”, who was supposed to undertake Guidance to Awakening. Guidance turned out unnecessary as awakening took place already when she was preparing for it by reading Awake!-ebook, which is available for free. Upon careful investigation of her diary and close up photos, I verified her awakening. There has been two
similar cases before who awakened by reading this book.

  • Baba, 1.2.2016

[B]M’s diary
[I]Hello, Baba. I have
been keeping a little journal since I started reading ?Awake!?,
because something unexplainable happened. Would appreciate your view
on this matter.
I was laying on the couch reading from your e-book Awake. As I was reading the first dialogue with ?VM?, my body felt funny and my heart started
racing, as if it was opened up or somehow activated. I stopped
reading at page 12. I sat up and looked around the room. I repeated
?Me, me, me, me…? several times, but I could not find that
little annoyed bossy victimized monkey anywhere. I had to laugh.

I do not feel impatient. Just strange and like nothing could knock me
over. I feel steady, like a rock or a tree. Thoughts bubble up and
disappear like dew in the morning sun. I do not feel particularly
happy or sad, just very neutral. Not in a passive way, but in an
alert attentive way. I do not feel the need to prove anything to
anyone like I have my whole life. It is like a beginning, not a

There are a lot of vibrations in my head and sometimes the rest of my body. A pressure on the ?third eye?, in the forehead. For the past 2 weeks, I have been trying to ground myself more to not get too much anxiety and energy in my head, but now I am grounded without much effort. The energy in my head and body can do its thing. I don`t feel like seeking to get anywhere, but
whatever may come, I am curious about it. Going to bed now.
Will see how I feel in the morning.

Getting used to this new perspective. Still feels strange. Things don`t seem to bother me as much. I just deal with it. Still have to see how I react around
people/being social.

When emotions and memories pop up, I don’t get so invested. I do, however, still have many strong emotions, but there is more space around them and I breathe more easily. In addition, I have noticed my jaw is not chronically tense anymore. Like it`s not ?chewing? on any stressful thoughts. So I
have less of a headache!

The cat threw up on my carpet. I just cleaned it up without getting
involved. I didn`t get angry with him like before, just curious about
if he is okay.

It would take me a lifetime to describe this
moment. But that is a paradox, because there is no lifetime. I say
?Me? several times a day, but the inquiry disappears into
nothingness. Nothing to be understood; this is not logical. It`s almost annoying how OK I am.

I still see patterns in my behavior. It comes up
like mud from the bottom of a lake, and it flourishes so that I can
see it for what it is. It wants me to defend it, but it wont survive long in the sunlight, because its like a troll in the old fairy
tales; it turns to stone and breaks.I rest in humbleness
and gratitude. Sometimes I have to smile or laugh or cry, even at the
smallest of things. I want to thank everybody for being here.

I remember that I have been in this state before, but that anxiety and
fear took over then, so it did not last for long. Now it feels like
it`s here to stay. Or rather, the fearful self is not
here to stay and to control the

I spend hours sitting on the couch looking through the room, at my paintings, at the cats, my legs, the lamp, everything. The only thing I “really” need
to do is eat. This state of being feels endless and it only
intensifies. The questioning mind is going in loops; asks questions,
not receiving an answer, gives up, lets it go, asks again. ?You
have no power here?, I say, and laugh.

I am in great physical pain, but its okay. Being chronically ill is strangely okay now. Not having a job or going to school is okay. Not having my familys support is okay now. Is this true acceptance? It just feels
like peace.[/I]


See from photographs how people look before and after awakening.


60 people out of 62 total who used this formula and took the guidance awakened permanently. Just an update.


Awakening is a perceptual shift which can happen when the person is awake or at night during sleep. Many people who have taken the guidance have awakened during the night, just like Eckhart Tolle, and noticed the next day that something is different. So, the moment of awakening might go unnoticed. But, the effect of it, won’t. Living, breathing, being, touching, tasting, seeing, hearing, communicating, anything… is somehow different than before. There is more space, allowance, acceptance and openness. It’s different because the dictator (subject me) is not there anymore yacking comments and opinions about every single thing that is thought of or experienced. Awakening is a radical shift, in that sense. But the event of awakening is not dramatic, like shooting a cannon or fireworks. It’s more like smoke disappearing into thin air… And then it’s just gone… Clear, open air! Very simple, yet very meaningful.


[QUOTE=Baba from Finland;87566]60 people out of 62 total who used this formula and took the guidance awakened permanently. Just an update.[/QUOTE]

A stats update. 82/84 got awakened through this.


lots of great reading and info in here. Thanks for the time it took for all that writting!


I also feel like there is something missing in my life.I felt this throughout my life.n by passing time this feeling become I start pranayama n chakra meditation. Can you help me with tips?


Have you ever been in a dream when suddenly you realise you are in a dream? This is awakening. You become lucid. A realisation blooms within you, like cold water poured down your back, there is an intake of …something. Call it breath/chi/prana. Call it whatever you like.

Life is like a dream, from which you can also ‘wake up’. You realise/remember that you are more, that all horrors can be banished, that all wonders are yours to enjoy. You cease to strive for ‘things’. You are neutral, yes, but not without emotion. Life becomes your playground. You realise we are all Gods eternal children, and it is fun to play. Each successive life is a new game. The feeling of a need to ‘accumulate’ and to run around and accomplish as much as we can as quickly as we can disappears completely. You realise there is all the time in the world.

There is the sense of magic all around, and the tentative, delicate, almost shy understanding that you have complete power. This understanding needs to be tentative, needs to come slowly, because your power can literally manifest reality, can shape this dream world to your effortless will. And so you can exercise this power only by the degree to which you can tame your chaotic, human nature.

To awaken simply cultivate the notion that

This is a dream…

This is a dream…

This is a dream…


Read how Mark got awakened. :slight_smile: May be shared openly.