Awesome yoga communities around the world?

Hello yogis, my basic question is where can i find a good yoga community? I know yoga is practiced all over the world in all places but i’m looking for something specific. I’m 22 yr old and been practicing 5d/week for the last year, including a 200TTC. Im about to make the final leap out from my childhood home and looking for a good place to start a new life. I want to live in a smaller city (population not over 700k), work available, access to nature and yoga/ dance studios. Im from north europe and as of now i have my eyes on NZ, Wellington, but i know nothing about the yoga community there. So my question boils down to if you guys know anything about wellington or other places which could suit me (or just awesome yoga communities you’ve come across). I’d like to stay for about a year so i need a visa that can extend for longer periods. Thanks!

Look into Koh Phangan, Thailand. It’s rather easy to continue tourist visas here, and not as crowded as Bali. If you’re committed to staying and a little entrepreneurial, you can probably find work or income.

The yoga community in the NW part of the island is exceptional.

Thanks for the feed back! I’ve heard a lot about Thailand regarding yoga studios, teachers etc, and I also began my yoga journey in Krabi.

I read your other post in the discussion about getting started teaching yoga, and I’m curious what made you set for Koh Phangan, cus there sure are many great yoga places around the world.

I was living in Thailand already, and decided to visit Koh Phangan due to its yoga reputation. Opportunities opened up for me here (to make a long story short), and I never left. Almost 2 years ago.

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Ubud, Bali is also a wonderful Yoga community, many studios to practice at and the best plant based food in the world.

Very relaxed lifestyle and plenty of adventures to have.

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Hi there,
I was finding a good yoga community and which is doing yoga. Yoga is a very serious matter for health. It can improve health and fitness. Everywhere increase yoga exercise. It would be awesome. Where am I going to follow lifestyle and fitness?