Awkward Situation with Instructor


I am a long-time yoga practitioner, and I recently had an awkward encounter with the owner/instructor at a small studio I have attended regularly for a couple of years. As often happens, she greeted the person in front of me warmly and personally, and then she asked my name, which she cannot seem to remember. In that moment, I decided to approach her about the issue and told her how I felt about the situation. She became very defensive and provided some explanations for why she did not remember my name that morning, though I reminded her that this happens virtually every week. She later approached me with further explanations of why she didn’t remember my name, and I said that I felt it personally as I see her call other students by name, including those who are much newer to the studio than I am, and she treats others in a friendlier manner than she does me. I told her I like her classes and the studio, though I just felt somewhat unwelcome and wondered if there was something I did to, in my opinion, be treated differently than the other students. She did apologize, and she told me how upset she was about the situation, though I still feel very awkward and uncomfortable. While I didn’t want to upset her, I felt that I needed to be honest and direct with her about how I feel, as for the past several months I have been distracted by the issue during class. Rather than “clear the air,” though, I felt like she was invalidating my feelings by telling me why I should not expect her to remember my name as opposed to “owning” the issue. Long explanation, though I am hoping for some insight/advice on how to handle my interactions with her in the future, as this is the only studio in my small town, and I do genuinely like her classes. Please feel free to be honest with me if my response to the situation was inappropriate.