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I was looking for a millet recipe when I found this site.
It is great resource for recipes and offers information on Ayurveda in a practical, conversational style.
This link goes to the page: [I]Vatas, Pittas, Kaphas & Weight[/I] where Fran,whose site it is, discusses Fata (fatty vata).
Ayurveda Recipe and Information Site

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Since I first posted this link in 2007, Claudia has added 100s of new recipes with plenty of good tips on feeding your body within the context of Ayurveda. There are recipes for appetizers, soups, meals and baked desserts; and gorgeous photos to give a peek the finished product. Ayurvedic Recipe and Information Site

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I have been using this site and have found it to be very helpful.:smiley:


Thanks for the link! I’ve gotten really into ayurveda ever since my teacher training. I love the term “Fata (fatty vata)”. It really looks like a fantastic site! I’ll defiantly look over it some more.


If your looking for ayurveda recipes and how to prepare ayurveda food, check out this website, It is very helpful to learn Ayurveda Cooking