Baby Yoga


I’ve seen a proliferance of videos - some cute, some not so cute - of babies used to promote yoga. People, in their eagerness to share their yoga high, have pushed it on their children in bizarre ways.

Here is an example

What are your thoughts on baby yoga practices?


Trying not to be judgemental but I really can’t see any gain from that only a lot of potential harm.


It strikes fear into the hearts of men, but the baby didn’t seem to mind. I don’t know how she manages to avoid twisting their little limbs right off their bodies. I can see how it might have a positive psychological impact on the child, but an accident would be devastating. Apparently she has a good track record.


It is hard not to judge when you watch this video. I was alarmed at points that she was going on for so long. But it also triggered in me a desire to know if anyone has taken time to research this yet. She says they have been doing this with their babies for 30 years - I wonder how many have been doing this, and if there were injuries, how the babies responded afterwards, if there were any difference in development compared to babies who don’t have this “treatment”.
It did not look like the baby was crying at all, seemed quite content. But who is to say if that’s not from the sensory overload of being swung around repeatedly.

Perhaps it would help the joints and muscles to be strengthened and remain mobile. I have to say, carrying a child around in a car seat/carrier all day certainly is NOT good for their backs, joints, muscles, anything, and we see it all the time now in our Western society. Some babies are doomed to most of their daytime hours in a car carrier as mother goes visiting, or even at home so mother can just move throughout the house keeping baby with her.

Anyway, these are just my initial reactions after watching the video. There is so little information, just a video and a short article. I couldn’t make a judgement without hearing more about it all.

I would think the baby would have sore muscles/joints after all that. :frowning:


I did baby yoga with my daughters, but I never swung them around. having skin to skin contact with your child has also been said to do the same thing. All swinging around does is let the child feel the same it did when it was in the mother. That is why people say to hold your baby tight to you and swing from side to side. I imagine it’s the same kind of effect.


Mmm I would have to disagree here - there is no centrifugal force on the baby’s body in the womb (unless mom is on a carnival ride!) and there is no call for the muscles of the baby’s body to be exercised, as the joints and muscles/ligaments of the child’s body are required to do when they are being swung around such as this woman is doing.

I agree, skin on skin contact is very important and again, does not happen enough in our western society, as more and more people become paranoid that any physical contact is somehow sexual or perverse. :frowning:

I think that right now, recently, I have become very disgusted by how stupid people and society are letting themselves become, how detached from Reality they truly are with all their gadgets, their ideas planted in their minds from constant media input, the lack of creativity or ability to think for themselves.
I think I need to find some good people to spend time with. lol.


[QUOTE=FlexPenguin;48663]I’ve seen a proliferance of videos - some cute, some not so cute - of babies used to promote yoga. People, in their eagerness to share their yoga high, have pushed it on their children in bizarre ways.

Here is an example

What are your thoughts on baby yoga practices?[/QUOTE]

What are my thoughts Flex…well you might not want to know…lol…its outrageous, one slip and then what? She is a complete raving nutter, a looney, Someone with an obsessive notion…a flake with tortured babies…


It does look a bit extreme. I’m no physician, but have spent enough hours in anatomy during art school and several years as a video producer in a teaching hospital to think the underdeveloped soft tissue around the babys shoulders may get damaged during an unfortunate misstep.


To each their own. It is not for me. If it works for them, more power to them.


Watching the clip must have troubled my mind. I was troubled by it all night!!


it was really disturbing to watch! I couldn’t watch for more than a minute without having to turn away. It looked so easy for her to slip up and send the baby flying into those rocks


Whoa! That was quite some video. I wouldn’t want anyone swinging my two-week-old baby around like that. But I’m sure that she does this because other people ask her to, so like InnerAthlete says, to each their own.


Agreed, newbieyoga. I really would like to see someone actually research this! But no, I wouldn’t let anyone do that to my 2 week old baby, no matter what benefits they say it gives them.


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Holding your baby while standing, shift your weight into your left foot. Bend the right knee and place your right foot on the inside of your left thigh or calf (above or below the knee). Another option is to bend your right knee out to the right side, placing the right heel against your left ankle, with right toes still touching the ground.

You can also practice this pose against a wall to help with balance. Draw your shoulder blades down your back; keep your gaze on something still while you breathe. Don’t forget to switch sides! Number 3 of our Mommy and Me yoga poses is great for focusing the mind and opening the hips.