Bali or rishikesh

Shall I go for rishikesh or bali

Rishikest for originality.

I've never been to Rishikesh but I have travelled around Bali. Ubud is a yoga heaven and there are some amazing studios there. My favourite was the yoga barn! I wrote a short blog about it, check it out here

Enjoy whichever you decide to do!

Rishikesh is the great place for learning the yoga, because it is a birth place of yoga and also known as the world capital of yoga.

Rishikesh is different, it is authentic and your almost all of your teachers are Indian. The culture there is just beautiful, raw, and real. I did my 200 hours in Rishikesh (and have also travelling to Kerala and Goa previously), and I found Rishikesh to be the place where I found myself with a community of like-minded people. It is simple and it is authentic. You meet true yogis who inspire you to live a simple and minimal life.

I feel that Bali is a bit more touristic and focused on a more commercial side of Yoga.


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Bali and Rishikesh both are exceptionally good place for Yoga. Now, coming to your question, you are looking for yoga retreats, right? Rishikesh is the world best place for Yoga Teacher Training as it's the land origin of yoga and almost 90% world's teacher training done in India (especially in Rishikesh). But when it comes to yoga retreats ( Yoga retreat is not only about yoga, it's about wellness and other activities too), so I would suggest you prefer Bali for yoga retreats and Rishikesh for Yoga Teacher Training.

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I never got to Rishikesh but spent about a month in Pune - loved it :slight_smile:

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Bali and Rishikesh both are great places to learn yoga aspects from the qualified yoga masters. But i will prefer Rishikesh more than Bali, because Rishikesh is birthplace of yoga and yoga capital of the world.

I think you can compare them, but from my personal experience – I'd recommend to visit Bali. It still has authentic vibe. You can check a local travel guide before make any decision – for example On Bali website. They have a lot of reviews & travel tips, including yoga studious overviews.