I would really appreciate any info.
Basically I am headed to Bali next high season.
I’m looking for a resort (either beach or mountain) that has a yoga platform / area where I can go to daily classes. Not really a retreat, just a holiday with some yoga.

I dont mind what style or price, just would like a nice relaxing holiday where I can do yoga and some local activities

all advice appreciated!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Ben,
I went last year to Bali. I did a retreat (don’t remember exactly name of the place, sort of jungle retreat on slope of the mountain - but it was too pampering) and then I spent some time in Ubud relaxing. There I found a nice place: Yoga Barn ( They have a nice community and interesting events. I wish I could stay there longer and experience this place but had to go back :frowning: However, Ubud has no access to the sea. And its rather vibrant. If you are looking for more quiet and serene place I’m sure there is something, but unfortunately can’t help you with that. But if you are looking for more active experience of culture and people, this yoga barn is worth of considering.


If you are still looking for a yoga retreat in Bali you may want to check out Blooming LotusYoga. We have a really amazing program that can be tailored to meet your needs. Our retreats also allow for cultural immersion opportunities so that you can soak up the Balinese way of life.