Baptiste Power Yoga

Has anyone taken his teacher training? I’m curious!!

I took the Power Vinyasa Teacher Training Boot Camp in 2000 down in Tulum, Mexico.

How did you like it? Was it as enlightening as the website says? Or is it more of a motivational speaking event with yoga? I really do like his style and I’m not knocking it in anyway! I’m deeply thinking things over right now and wondering if its a good investment for the future of my yoga training.

Baron is a wonderful person, very kind and caring for those he’s working with. I have nothing but high regard for him and write him once each year during the period known as Guru Purnima to thank him for guiding me at that stage of my development.

At that point, I had less than a year of asana in my body and had no anatomical training and no awareness of the depth and breadth of the philosophy upon which yoga is built. I very much enjoyed my week and upon returning I clearly felt more comfortable in my own skin.

You’re likely to be well worked out, sweat quite a bit, and, with your own dedication, learn the sequences in the teacher manual. That sequence, they advised, should be taught for the first five years of teaching.

Obviously in a week-long training there isn’t enough time (in that style) to cover safety issues, adjustments, anatomy, or philosophy.

I really do get that from Baron!! I feel he is a very nice person even though I did not meet him!
I thought I would not be ready for Baron’s program! I feel learning the asanas and the philosophy of yoga is important as well. I feel like Baron’s program might be a future endeavor for me.
Thanks Gordon!! I really do appreciate your knowledge of yoga!! And I also appreciate the fact that you answer all questions!!

Not all my dear, not all.

Baptiste Power Yoga is one of the hottest types of yoga out there, and it's easy to see why. In a class that lasts just 60 minutes, you'll push your body to its limits through a series of 12 different poses (which are all given unique names that reflect their intensity level; for example, the "Warrior III" pose is how you picture a warrior getting ready for battle), combined with short bursts of intense cardio. In addition to giving you an incredible workout, Baptiste Power Yoga also helps to reinforce your core muscles, so that by the end of the session you'll feel stronger and more flexible than ever before. The studio is always clean and inviting and there's always a friendly instructor present to help guide you if needed (although they are careful not to interrupt your flow).

Baptiste Power Yoga is a type of yoga that combines traditional yoga poses with aerobic activity like jumping jacks, mountain climbers, or burpees. The best part about Baptiste Power Yoga is that it’s so fun and intense that you don’t even realize you’ve gotten a long, effective workout!