Becoming a teacher?


I have been practicing yoga for about 2 years now and am thinking about becoming a teacher. I know a very good place where I could do the training. But how do I know that I’ll be good at it?
I get stressed quite easily (and yoga helps me to relax) and I’m very anxious that I will get nervous with the students etc.
I am also a foreginer and wonder if my accent is not going to be a problem-silly, I know…
Also, another thing I’m worried about is that I’m not that flexiable. I still have problems with few poses and it’s quite hard for me to keep a good posture when I’m meditating etc. If I do the training will this improve?



Are you ready to teach?
NO you are not

Are you ready to deepen your practice?
Yes you are

Humility in a teacher is for many far preferable than hubris.
But that said you did not volunteer any information as to why you want to teach or even why you should.
Is it because you have reached some magic 2 year mark?
I’m vibing that you may need some more space in your practice, and yourself. Yes that may well improve with training. At the very least you will likely be around others on the journey who will be able to share, grow and learn with. The catalyst for your journey?

Study more, learn more, practice more. If even in workshops before the significant commitment to a TTC. Embrace your limitations, embrace your beautiful accent, embrace your practice and yourself.



More tips:

  1. Please read Yogamark’s advice again (if you haven’t)

  2. Being a teacher allows one to learn more as one is duty-bound to double- and triple-check what is known before facing the students

  3. In Yoga, a teacher remains on the same side of the table. On the other side? Ishvara. That’s what is jointly discovered.

  4. Yoga transforms. A teacher needs to be ready to change, to know the change, and to know how to bring that about in the students.

Good luck.


Thank you for your replies :slight_smile:
Yogamark, it’s not about reaching any ‘magic marks’. I think 2 years is not that long at all. However, yoga give me something that no exercise has given me before: it calms my mind and allows me to just be there, on my mat. I don’t want to make a living out of it. I’m not planning to quit my job, nothing like that. I thought it would be a great idea to spend my free time doing something I really, really enjoy. I thought it would deepen my understanding and knowledge of my yoga practice and would also allow me to introduce this to my family and friends. I could go home for holiday and teach my mum and my friends over in Poland.
You are saying about learning etc. What else can I do, except going for my classes and learn there? Are there any books you could recommend? or maybe some good dvds?
Appriciate your help and wise thoughts.


Attending a yoga teacher training is a great way to learn more about yoga and your own practice. It will help you with your own practice.
Even if you are not intending to teach…it may help you to decide if you want to teach or not…(but do give some serious thought if the course is taught in your second language)

I would go for it…

good luck.


Dear Joanna,
What a beautiful longing to deepen your yoga experience to share it with others! I am a yoga teacher for about five years now and this is the most fabulous journey. One very important aspect of being a teacher, to me is to be aware of the fact that I am learning just as much as I am teaching. Life is a learning experience and by sharing our experience we ‘teach’ others to see things from a different standpoint. I am really excited about the changes that are happening in humanity at the moment. And one aspect is, that the illusion of difference in status is starting to dissolve. We are all evenly important and we all have something to share. So we can learn from everyone and give our sharings to everyone. That will be enrichening for all of us.
So I really want to encourage you to follow your longing. The idea that a teacher has to have all the answers, do everything perfectly and stand on a stage are so outdated. People attending yoga class are relieved when they see that the teacher has her struggles with asana as well, that she might be insecure sometimes and being honest about it (nothing stronger than daring to show weakness!).
I wish you a lot of inner strength and most of all fun exploring yoga even deeper and sharing it with others, in what way ever might unfold for you.
If you want to know more about me and my vision of yoga you can visit my website: (Dutch but English coming soon)
Lots of light and love to you fellow Angel,


Hi Joanna,
Yoga teacher is a very serious term. People expect decades of extensive experience, dedication, deep knowledge etc. And also yoga teacher instruction covers all limbs of yoga: yama, niyama, asanas, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana and samadhi (which should be mastered by given teacher). And there is also a deeper level of surrender and responsibility. Plus emotional complexities such as using teacher to resolve issues with parents. And other complexities of which I have no idea (since Im beginner as well). So you may see why people may say that 2 years of practice is not enough as a foundation for teacher training.

Maybe you should aim now to become ‘asanas instructor’? That would be enough to teach your friends and family. And you would find more understanding and help in yoga community (which as yo see is quite demanding in this respect).

Good luck!


Namaste Joanna,

Wonderful advise from all the above. Just to add a bit…

There are many teachers out there, but few yoga teachers. As Pawel said in his opening sentence, Yoga Teacher is a serious term. It carries with it much responsibility. I think becoming a teacher is a calling. At least it was that way for me. After close to a decade of practice and self study, my calling was to teach and share. For me, it was a natural transition and one that didn’t have me thinking “if I should”. I just did. And yes, what an incredible journey it has been. There is no magic time or moment, from my perspective, that signals it’s time to teach. Each person is unique. For now, study, practice and allow yourself to grow. A very wise person, in an email, reminded me of something that is so important. He said encourage your students to take yoga “beyond” the class. And while I hope that I have, through my teaching, it was a refreshing reminder! And this is where being a yoga teacher and an asana teacher differ. A yoga teacher can take yoga beyond the mat, beyond their practice. If “you” can take yoga beyond the mat it “may” be time for you to teach. Only you know!

Best of luck on your journey Joanna.


Joanna, I agree with YogaMark that it sounds like you are ready to immerse yourself in a training. When teachers are ready to teach, they just know. It becomes part of your DNA. This is not to say you do not have the qualities of a teacher. But tread lightly because there comes a lot of responsibility with being a yoga teacher.


Hi Joanna–
I think that the very qualities which make you wonder if you should teach will make you a wonderful teacher. Consider reaching out to people with the same struggles as you – ones who are nervous, possibly stiff, maybe even foreign. You will set them at ease. You will show them how transformative yoga can be. I disagree that you need to have mastered something in order to teach yoga. You simply need enough knowledge to keep people safe and enough passion to inspire them.

Not everyone comes to yoga expecting something serious and life changing. Most simply want to stretch, to learn how to handle their stress, to suffer less. You will teach what you are ready to teach attract the students who are ready to learn that.

If this is your passion, pursue a teacher training for sure, and perhaps begin teaching small groups of your friends. Nothing will make you a better teacher than actually teaching. Keep it sweet and simple. Teach what you know. Be honest when you don’t know.

Becoming a yoga teacher is lifelong process. We don’t ever stop learning and there is no magic moment when we are “ready”. There simply comes a time when we are inspired to share the benefits of yoga with others – to pay it forward.


“In every student sleeps a teachers, the same way in every teacher is a student.”, Yogi Paramapadma Dhirananda


Thank you all for your wonderful and helpful replies!
I am now attending a mindfulness meditation course, which gives me much better insight into my own self and helps me a lot with my yoga practice. Once I finish the course I will try and think hard about my next step :slight_smile:


I am currently looking into completing a level 1 (200hr) yoga teacher training certificate that is recognized internationally. I am new to yoga but I have always had a passion to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. I appreciate yoga because my mind and body feel healthier and for that reason I would like to make a career as a yoga teacher so I can share this feeling with other people.

I see the 200 hour certification as the first step and I would continue practicing, hopefully begin teaching and take more certifications in the future as I develop greater experience. I am aware that this certificate will not make me a true yoga teacher, that will be something that takes time to achieve. I am looking for something to focus my time and energy on, I really think it could be yoga.

My concern is my lack of yoga experience, how many yoga classes should you attend before applying for a level 1 yoga teacher training course? I am currently looking at course in June or Sep 2012. This means I have plenty of time to continue practicing and improve my postures and knowledge before attending a course.

I found this quote on a forum: “Do we repeat the same patterns because that is all we know and as a result stay standing in the same place”

I particularly like the quote because I am looking to open new doors and start a rewarding job that I am passionate about. However, I am worried my experience is not enough but if I do not do a certificate I will continue where I am, not progressing.

Does anyone have any recommendations for where to complete the 200 hour yoga teacher training certificate. I am a UK citizen, I have worked and lived in a few different countries so it is important that I gain an international certificate so it is recognized globally.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


@ Researching: I don’t think such a certificate really exists. I mean, Yoga Alliance is trying to take over the yoga world, but I’m pretty sure there are still places out there, where a YA certificate doesn’t really count.
If you are a good teacher, you will get your students, that’s what I would say…

However, to get back to your first question, how many yoga classes has one to take before doing a TTC - I really don’t know and I cannot come up with a number. I just think for becoming a teacher, yoga should be your passion and you should be interested in yoga beyond the physical practice.

@Joanna: I had the same feeling before I started teaching, lots of self-doubt and worries, if the student’s will be happy with my teaching. I was really wondering about questions like “If you’re scared that means you are not ready”, but now I know, this is not true. Many people, including me, are scared of unknown territory, but the more I teach, the better and the more confident I feel. My latest classes have been such a joy for me (and for the students too, I think, because of positive feedback). I always thought of myself as a shy person, but I guess this is not totally true. So, Joanna, jump into that cold water, you will be doing fine!


Hi Joanna,

To become a teacher of any thing let us say yoga, you must be self confident as there are many posture those are so difficult even experts are not able to perform them well.

So confidence is key and accent is not a problem for the same reason as you are performing yoga in front of students so it should be more practical approach then theory.

Improve your

  1. Self Confidence.
  2. Try to know little bit more about students.

Chinese Man Want To Be A Yoga Teacher

I have completed my masters degree in Yoga subject. Now I want to teach Yoga in colleges and institutes of India.
I have applied for UGC NET (University Grants Commission – National Eligibility Test) to become a lecturer.
UGC NET Exam is for all those aspirants who want to become a lecturer or researcher of their postgraduation subject.
Every year lakh of aspirants appears in UGC NET Exam, but only few get selected for the post of Assistant Professor.
The test is conducted to determine the knowledge of an aspirant in their subject.


Read tru this topic & all the replies.
I think self confidence is really important at the first place & need practise frequently too before thinking about to become a yoga teacher. Even after becoming a yoga teacher, still need keep improving day by day.
That is what one of my humble yoga teacher told me that she is still learning from all of us/ her students everyday. In fact, she practised yoga more than 10 years & only then to move on & becoming a teacher.


Oh, thanks so much. it helps me. Everyday I will thinking about how to do more better. Yoga change my life, I hope I can help more people change their life.


Yes, i found yoga do help me too & feel free to share with people my little experience & encourage ppl to learn it.