Beginner needs help!

Hello everyone! New to yoga and this forum!

I am a 21 year old male who has so far led an unsustainable lifestyle and boy can I feel the effect.
It’s useful to know where I am currently at (complete noob) in order to get the best advice.

To sum it up, I feel 100 years old. Everytime i stand up or movze around after being stationary, there’s tightness and aches in every nook and cranny of my body. Have had a calf strain for years which progress is coming along nicely (lived with it until now). With my body in this state I started the gym a year ago, and with the insufficient knowledge only made things worse so my membership is being frozen for the forseeable future. My joints have suffered a lot too with significant pain in my left wrist and right elbow. Being at work (physical job) seriously aggrevates my joints.

I don’t know the names of the poses so forgive me for the crude descriptions. When standing straight, I can reach to just below my knees before any pain. I have followed some videos on YouTube and found that not only can I not reach/stretch very far but I’m very shaky, my body is rattling and when returning to rest I’m very staggery and unsmooth. Balance. I can’t even take a pair of socks off without tumbling, I have to sit down to do it and sometimes I trip over air.

Despite all this, after a few half hearted poses I still felt great afterwards.

My aim is this. Suspend all the strength workout for now and focus on core strength and mobility/flexibility. When I started researching yoga I got very confused. So many different stretches and poses my brain went into overdrive. I have no idea what’s best for me all I’ve been doing is following a few videos on YouTube every now and then.

All I want is a simple full body routine (have a fair amount of time dedicated for this) that addresses mobility, flexibility, balance and core strength. I have no idea if just stretches are sufficient or if I’d have to do poses (extremely difficult for me)?

As you can probably tell, I have no idea what I’m talking about lol. I just feel so far below the average person it actually upsets me. I want to be able to function properly and do daily human things pain/ache free so if anyone could help I would seriously appreciate it!


You might benefit from some restorative yoga. You have tried it? Instead of active poses that cause your body to shake and verge on pain, these poses are normally on the ground, include lots of props, and are held for a few minutes each. This allows you to surrender into the pose and work into the fascia between every muscle. It’s extremely relaxing and could help you with pain.

Here’s a sequence I enjoy. Let me know if it helps.

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Better join a class and spend few weeks or months and you will know answers of your queries. If you find right teacher then he or she will guide you what best suits you after proper assessment of your limitations and contraindications.

I have seen many people talk only about outer body corrections such as mobility, flexibility, balance, core strength etc but having good immune system and pulmonary function are equally important in getting optimum performance.

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I agree with Soham Yoga Studio. Find a good yoga studio (if financially ok), try out different classes (I’d suggest you to avoid fast paced classes at first). Yin yoga also a good way to open up your body (but can be intense for some, because in this class you will have to hold one pose in longer period).

Also as much as we focus on our outer body, flexibility and how many yoga postures we mastered. I’d say focus on how you feel the posture, connect to the breathes.

I’m sure your body will improve after practicing yoga mindfully and safely. Remember it takes time, be patient

Yoga is exactly what you need. Start by letting go of all negative judgment about yourself! Just begin where you are. Be grateful for the amazing body you are in. I would definitely start by seeking out a yoga class in your area. I would go to a beginner or “gentle” class–one with an experienced teacher that can help you to modify poses to fit where you are physically. It is important to recognize that yoga is a “practice”–it is something you do overtime. There is never a performance, or any certain posture or “pose” that you need to accomplish. Just practice yoga often in a way that feels good in your body, and overtime you will be amazed at the progress that you make toward better health–inside and out. Best of luck to you!


Hello there everyone! I always wanted to become a yoga teacher. And my friend Raja Kaduri from India recommended this yoga community for me What do you think? Can you recommend it for me as well? Thanks a lot for your replies!

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A beginner asana course by B.K.S. Iyengar -

I'm following a website called yogaasan which is providing detailed guide to new yoga beginners. I do follow the website and its helping me

It's hard to pick poses or flow if you're not familiar with anatomy so I'd suggest starting there. There's also a book called "yoga mind, body and spirit" that I'm just starting and it breaks down muscles, spine, breathing etc. Would def recommend this book too