Benefits of Dandasana

Benefits of Dandasana:
Strengthens the spinal muscles and keeps your upper and lower back strong.
Stretches the chest and abdominal muscles.
Improves the entire body posture.
Relives stress and improves the ability to concentrate with proper breathing into the pose.

Dandasana step by step instructions:
Sit on your mat with both legs stretched out in front of you, toes pointing upwards.
Keep the spine straight and aligned with your neck, legs together and feet gently touching each other.
Place your palms by the side of your hips on the floor, fingers pointing forward.
Keep your arms straight to provide firm and gentle support to your spine.
Press the heel firmly on the floor to keep your leg straight and engage the muscles of your legs.
Gently press your palms against the floor to elongate your spine.
Stretch your spine upwards from the pelvis to top of the head.
Lift your chest up, draw the shoulder back and down to broaden your collarbone.
Gaze forward and take a deep breath.
Maintain this posture from 10 sec to 1 minute according to your capacity.