Benefits of pranayama


Benefits of pranayama:
It helps you to deal with stress, anxiety, and hypertension.
Improves the functioning of the lungs.
Purifies the Nadis( the subtle energy channels).
It helps to achieve a state of ‘pratyahara’ (sense withdrawal), which prepares you for ‘dharana’ (concentration) and ‘dhyana’ (meditation).
Improves the circulation of body fluids and energy within the organs, like stomach, liver, intestine, etc.
Certain pranayama rewire your brain’s neural network to function better as a whole being.
Regular practice of pranayama can extend your life and improves the autonomic function of the human body.


Pranayama is a great way to reduce the stress and depression from your life. The daily 10 minutes of pranayama practice will help you in getting rid from the stress and depression from your life.

  • Improve circulation of body fluids

  • Good for Nadis

  • Improve lungs function