Benefits of taking the training


I'm new to Yoga, and so far I'm just training by watching Youtube videos. I've asked elsewhere how I go about picking what's the right way for me to learn, so that might change.

I don't have a desire to start my own Yoga school, as I an a tech consultant by trade. I do however homeschool my kids and volunteer with my local church, and senior center. These places are constantly looking to the volunteers to use their knowledge to teach others. Would it be a good idea for me to do some sort of teacher training for Yoga later down the road in order to volunteer as a yoga instructor for these groups? I love teaching others what I know, but I don't want to do harm. I would want to know I am teaching them correctly before I do anything. I currently volunteer to teach self defense to women and girls, so I do have experience doing this sort of thing. I just dont' feel I want to do it for a living.



Taking the yoga training helps you in expanding your knowledge about yoga training. By taking the yoga training classes it become high chance of yours to become the certified and qualified yoga instructor who can lead the yoga classes at anywhere in the world.
Benefits of yoga training:
• Personal yoga practice
• Growth and self understanding
• Life changing experience
• Become a certified trainer