Best asanas and suggestions for meditation


I have been doing Yoga , years back and just restarted it couple of days back. I have put up belly and have been experiencing slight back pain.Sometimes experiencing some nerve pain while I lift my legs to put around in my bike. Please suggest some asanas which can help me in rectifying these.

Also I am trying to do meditation.Not able to get the concentration.Please suggest how can I bring it back.

Thanks in advance.

  1. if pain is not severe then it should go with moderate yoga practice especially back bending asanas

  2. concentration comes with consistent practice of Yoga. Spend at least three months sincerely and consistently and you will see some progress


Meditation is just about letting go. Be OK with your thoughts drifting in and out. Dont judge it.


Thanks Umesh & Dashan .

Please let me know if there are any tips which I can follow ? Any specific asanas suggested ?


Have you tried using a tennis ball to deep massage your back muscles?

Here is an example for massaging the right side of your back.

Lie on your back on the floor.
Place the tennis ball under the sore muscle.
Bend your left knee and plant your left foot next to your right knee (on the left side).
Lift your body off the floor, supporting yourself with your head and your right heel.
Use your left leg to move your body left and right about 3 inches.
Roll the sore muscle in your back over the ball, apply as much pressure as needed to really work the muscle.
Shift the ball up or down a few inches and repeat.
Also try just lying on the floor, with the ball directly under the sore muscle for about 20 seconds. This forces the muscle to relax.
Try doing this once a day for a week, might help.


About the concentration, break it down into seeing and hearing.

Try trataka, start with 1 minute a day, then build up gradually, stare at a candle, JUST OBSERVE, don’t let your mind become engrossed in any thoughts, when it does, release the thought, remind yourself that for 1 minute you can do this concentration exercise.

Similarly, repeat OM, ooooommmmmmm, really concentrate on the sound, when thoughts barge in, let them go and concentrate again.

Use a stop watch. Be very strict, for 1 minute, build up slowly, it’ll come back.