Best mat layout for Yoga class?

Just wondering how to make the best use of space available for my yoga classes. Would appreciate any ideas on the best mat layout for a Yoga class in a long thin room 4.58m by 12.10m. love& light Molly:)

I would let student place their mats - it is works the best:) who want to fit will fit:)… and I would just walk around giving instructions to save space without taking up space with my mat.

Thx for yr help. What advice do you give on saving space?

Given the dimensions of the room, much depends on the size of your class. For optimal viewing (especially if you demo) perhaps place your mat parallel to the long wall and have your students place their mats perpendicular to the same wall. Of course, staggering the mats will help with spacing (i.e. while doing a forward bend) Hope this helps.

My studio has a rectangular room. Typically we will line up with the teacher’s mat parallel to the short wall, and the rest of us will stagger our mats parallel to the long wall.

My last class, we started with legs up the wall and we all put our mats perpendicular to the long wall while the teacher put hers perpendicular to the short wall, sort of in between our two sides. I actually really enjoyed that setup - it felt a bit more intimate and group-like.

[QUOTE=molly;80600]Thx for yr help. What advice do you give on saving space?[/QUOTE]

guiding class with the wording clues will save a space, hence you do not need a place for a teacher

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