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Many women out there want a fresh start to their lives, be it after a nasty breakup or to shed some weight off just to look great!

A lot of women end up losing the motivation that drives them to transform themselves into their expected goals. It can be due to various reasons such as, worn out muscles and cramps due to excessive workout on the first day, doing the wrong kind of workout that does not suit your body or just breaking the promise of not eating junk food anymore.

The product that we’re about to review is a fat burning program that helps women with any body type regardless of being a beginner in practicing yoga.

What is the Yoga Burn program ?
It’s a yoga plan for 12-weeks created by Zoey Bray Cotton, a certified yoga instructor, personal trainer and a female fitness expert. It has a 3 phase program of 15 videos that guides the person from the very beginning and gives the body the right tone and shape within days after starting.

It can be done anywhere and anytime where you feel comfortable as long as you have a modern device to play the videos provided in the package. It can be purchased online from The Official website

Is it for all women out there ?

Yes, it is for every woman of any age and body type. Even pregnant women can do this work out as the package provides bonus videos for all stages of pregnancy and even post pregnancy.

*** Is it Effective ?**
It most definitely is, as the program had been released in 2014, more than 100,000 women have purchased it and a polling of 1083 women of which 97% of the users said that it had actually helped them losing weight.

What is the dynamic sequencing ?
When the body repeatedly goes through the same workout, it starts getting used to it which makes it less effective.

Dynamic sequencing provides a different workout every time the body starts getting used to the same exercise to help the body get toned along with burning fat.

The process of Yoga Burn:
It is a 3 stage process containing 9 different videos in each phase:

Phase 1- Foundational Flow:
This is the beginner’s stage which builds a person’s foundation into learning the basic moves that will further enhance in the 12-week process. It lasts for up to 4 weeks in which the body builds a solid yoga practice and a mind-body connection to train the body into moving on to the next 2 stages effectively.

Phase-2 Transitional Flow:
This keeps the flow from the previous stage going, but with more advanced moves to burn more calories and increase the heart rate. The poses create a link with one another resulting in an overall great feeling in the form of meditation.

The exercises focus more on the larger muscles.e. the three parts of the body: the upper body, lower body, and the Core. This can only be done if you’ve mastered the basic moves learned from the first phase.

Phase-3 Mastery Flow:
This is the final stage which is all about the moves that you’ve learned in the previous 2 stages combined into a proper session of fat burning yoga with a stronger metabolism.

The moves are more intense causing the muscles to really go through the pain and fatigue to build more strength in the body from the top to bottom giving your body that perfect hour-glass shape.


The Pros and Cons of Yoga Burn:


60-day guarantee : A 60-day guarantee is provided to customers if they are not happy with no questions asked money back guarantee.
Digital and Physical : A digital copy is provided to the customers which have all the videos of yoga exercises and a physical copy is sent at home.
Works for anyone : Women of all ages and sizes can do this; it is very safe and not difficult at all as it takes the person step by step in 3 phases teaching the very basics of yoga to begin with.
Can be done at home : There’s absolutely no need to go somewhere to work with this program. All you need is a yoga mat and a space large enough for you to comfortably practice the sessions at home.

A diet needs to be followed : if you don’t follow a proper diet along with this yoga burn program, then you’ll only be able to achieve a toned body and strength without losing weight.
Not for professional yogis : If you’re already a professional yogi who might think this program will take you to a better level, then this isn’t the right thing for you as it is more of a teaching program from the basics rather than just professional moves.

  • Tips for getting the right atmosphere to work in :

As a beginner, a person seems very shy and uncomfortable in a crowded place, try doing it in a room that is quiet and only you are present in there. To have the right feeling and motivation to start, try keeping the room warm to really get the body to sweat and burn the fat.
Try adding some energy boosting supplements to your diet to really give you the power to practice the yoga moves and prevent fatigue.
Try doing yoga early in the morning as the body muscles are recharged overnight and you have lesser energy due to an empty stomach which helps in pushing the body to burn more calories.

With all the above-mentioned details on this product and how it effectively works, we are sure you’ll want to purchase this 12-week yoga burn program and get your body into the perfectly toned and muscular shape that every woman desires to. It not only benefits you physically but also boosts up your mental health into a more positive and motivated mindset and approach towards Life.

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