Best programs to learn Yoga from home for Women?


Hi everyone! I am new here. I am usually busy with my work and don't have enough time to attend any yoga classes. Is there any way I can learn from home? I just want to lose some weight.


you can take some online classes if you are serious about is. Or you can follow one particular web link.


I knew a lady who lost 60lbs in a short time, for her it was 6 weeks. Her teacher had her practice every single day the shoulder stand, plough and fish. Each pose is held for 10 minutes, a total of 1/2 an hour.

She came to regular class once a week, Sivananda style Yoga. This would include 12 rounds of Sun Salutation.

She told me she'd been going to Weight Watchers for 3 years and didn't get anywhere much, lose some then gain again.

I've mentioned this to many but none seem to give there best, maybe they don't want it bad enough to try.

The 3 poses stimulate the thyroid and maybe this is why she lost 60lbs in 6 weeks.


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Hey guys,
Related to what the OP has asked, I came across this "low impact" workout. Has anyone tried it? I am wondering if it's any good.


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