Best single piece of advice to someone that is new to teaching yoga?

Hi everyone,

For a course on self-regulated learning, I’ve been assigned a project to complete a distal (long-term) goal over throughout the length of the term. I’ve chosen to lead my colleagues (I’m a high school teacher) in a 45-minute beginner yoga flow as my big goal. Some of the proximal goals (short-term) I’ve set to help me reach my distal goal include research and review on the foundations and fundamentals of yoga, establishing a weekly yoga practice, and teaching what I learn to my students.

Part of the assignment requires us to connect with professional learning communities to stimulate knowledge building and I thought that connecting with this forum would be beneficial for doing so.

So, as the title mentions, if you could give me your best single piece of advice for teaching a yoga class for beginners, what would that be?


If you are a yoga beginner or thinking about having a go at yoga training classes, then here are 12 tips to get you started; some helpful advice for any yoga beginner.

  • Find A Good Yoga Teacher for your yoga practices
  • Wear Loose Comfortable Clothing
  • Respect Your Body’s Inner Wisdom And Limitations
  • Modify Postures For Your Body
  • Be Aware Of The Space Around You
  • Breathe into your whole body in the poses, and relax. There is a lot to learn about healthy breathing in yoga.
  • It is advisable not to eat for one or two hours before yoga practice, and to drink only small amounts of water beforehand and do not drink during practice. Avoid alcohol, sugar or caffeine before yoga.

Bonjour à tous

Le yoga est une discipline ancestrale qui pourrait se définir ainsi : « un effort vers la tranquillité ».
La pratique du yoga associe des exercices physiques, de concentration, de respiration et de méditation,
qui permettent à l’ensemble du corps de rentrer en communion.

Je vous invite à suivre mon lien qui pour moi ces méthodes ont été très utiles