Best Time for YTTC


Which month is best to pursue yoga teacher course? Why?


I think the best time is September October and November here in Rishikesh(yoga capital of world) , India. I too am is running Satyam Vedic Yoga School having number of students from different parts of the world.


Thank you @SatyamYogaSchool. These month having winter at pix :cold_sweat:. Is it ok to have yoga practice in outdoor in this time ?



According to me, the best time to pursue Yoga Teacher Training is from Jan to March. As winter gets over and the climatic conditions at these months are very moderate, it is suitable to take Yoga Teacher Training.

Yoga Vana conducts Yoga Teacher Training in the month of Jan, Feb and March. For more details on the Yoga Teacher Training course, fee structure, venue, faculty details and more, visit Yoga Vana's official website. There are two batches of Yoga Teacher Training conducted by Yoga Vana, here come the details for the two batches,

Jan to Feb batch - 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training - AMBOLI:

Feb to March batch - 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training - AMBOLI:



I am living in Rishikesh for last 2 years and best time for yoga here is Sept - Nov(after it very cold till Feb), March - May(After it Summers season till June). But I think for yoga teacher training, Nepal is the best location & 2 or 3 good school from Rishikesh also provide TTC there. In Nepal, weather is pleasant & remain same throughout the year.



In my point of view, the best time for yoga teacher course in India is Nov-Dec,Jan and Feb.
I have done my YTTC in Nov-Dec. Apart from mesmerizing Beaches, Goa is the best place to learn yoga teacher training during these times.
Yoga with Raj offers Yoga Teacher Training in these months in Goa. If you want to Know about complete schedule please check on
Website :
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May to September if you are planning in India.