Best training programs out there? best with the "famous" teachers?

I’m just curious what people’s opinions are of the best available yoga educations?

I’ve been practicing ashtanga for some time and am particularly drawn to Richard Freeman, though I know his 200 hour intensive is really hard to get into. Then there’s other big name yogis like tias little, ana forrest, leslie kaminoff, sarah powers, etc. Also various retreat centers, places in india, local studio teacher trainings, etc.

I’m not so interested in credentials or glamor, much more interested in a really great education that encourages exploration of mind, body and spirit. I also envision training that turns students into great teachers, that gives them the tools to lead others in their own explorations. This is likely led by a teacher who walks the walk, who has a gift of explanation, an intellectual understanding but most importantly an awakened presence.

I suppose I’m talking about yoga in the broadest sense, covering all the limbs of raja yoga but with asana practice at the forefront. The training I’m envisioning doesn’t skip anatomy. My personal practice is rooted in ashtanga/vinyasa, but I’m intrigued by anything in the krishnamacharya lineage, and to some extent sivananda as well.

Clearly, time has something to with education. A weekend retreat has less opportunity than 200 hours than 500 hours than long-term residential stays. At this point I can’t commit to long-term residency, so while I’d be curious to know the options, I’m looking more for the month long kinda thing, or even periodic stays of a weekend, a couple weeks or month.

Anyhow, I’d love to hear your thoughts on where you can get top notch training. Any first hand experience? Are the famous yogis really giving you that much more than elsewhere? Are there any diamonds in the rough?


I’m booked at a workshop with Richard Freeman and I’m stoked!

I’ve studied with Leslie Kaminoff and enjoyed his practice. You can access his programs on line.

Jason Crandell and Bryan Kest are among my favourite live male voices of Yoga. Crandell is smooth as silk and Kest brought the entire class to tears.
Jill Miller and Sadie Nardini are awesome live and tend to offer great follow up vids.

Psychologist and yoga teacher Kelly McGonigal, PhD brings it live with the science of meditation, also following up well with on-line multi-media.

I wish I could get into the videos more but I just resonate with live teachings.

My all time favourite workshop so far was with Ray Long MD FRCSC a board certified orthopedic surgeon, his personal stories of his study with B.K.S Iyengar are on point.
His mix of old school Yoga stories and scientific method, combined with the jaw dropping 3d Graphics on big screen by designer / Illustrator Chris Macivor.
Oh and final nod to Marc Laham. You want Yin or Power and a fresh look?
Well there is my short list of personal favs. I’ve recently seen live. So many more, but I’ll lock those up since they came to me just now.

I love Rolph Gates! He is so knowledgeable. Check out his book, “Meditations from the Mat”

Forest Yoga is also supposed to be quite good. My dream would be to go and work with Baron Baptiste, but it is way to expensive. Anyone been before?

Some of my best yoga teachers have not been famous. With that said, YogaMark…how was Ray Long’s workshop? I’m thinking of attending one in the near future. I love his cue’s and how well he explains anatomy.

Ray Long’s seminar was excellent. To imagine the lifetimes I’d have to study to get this kind of anatomical knowledge under my belt. His introduction to muscle awakening and body clairvoyance…I’m still in awe.

So grateful for the wonderful teachers out there bringing their wisdoms as gifts.

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