Best Travel Yoga Mat?


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Hi, I have only tried one, the Nomad travel mat from Prana. It is quite thin and light and works really well on carpeted floors. On top of a carpet it lays still, and the top surface is non-slip and works well for dynamic practice. If you are looking for something to use in a hotel room I would recommend this one. However, I also used it on a painted concrete floor in India, and there it was pretty awful. It was too thin for such a hard surface and constantly sliding over the floor in an annoying way during vinyasas.
So, perhaps consider first what type of travelling you are doing and in what environment you will be using the mat. If doing business travelling and staying in nice hotel rooms the Prana Nomad mat should be excellent for you - but on hardwood or concrete floors it is useless in my opinion…


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What about this Travel Mat: [ STILL CANNOT POST URL !!! WTF ??? ]

Since I am still not allowed to post a URL, it’s called a [B]Manduka eKO-SuperLite Travel Mat[/B]

This Mat folds up …

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manduka eko …not the super light eko the standard eko it folds fine …
the eko folds and gives plenty of padding ,have to break it in but once you do it is a great mat , it is my everyday mat now ,i have the pro and the pro light back home , but i went on a yoga travel oddessy and it has been two months and no telling when i will going back as of yet , i am very happy with my travel mat …


Thanks Fixed !!! I’ll check it out …


Hey, ray I've done an article about Travel Yoga Mats. It talks about 9 of the best options available today. I hope you find it useful. Would love your feedback. Thanks!


Hi there, I have a Lululemon travel mat which I think is great. It’s fairly light weight and It can be folded into a small suitcase. It also has really good grip.