Best TTC in Kerala 2014/2015?

Hi there,

I would like to go to Kerala for a couple of months, and wanted a part of this trip to include doing a TTC course. I would rather avoid an Ashtanga course. Hatha is what I mostly practice at the moment.

I have heard plenty of recommendations about Sivananda Ashram. However, in recent times I have heard some not-so-glowing reviews about the place, and several people who are of the opinion that it is overcrowded and too expensive. That, in a sense, you are paying for the brand.

Could anyone please inform me if this is the case or not, and also please let me know if there are other great TTC’s (or perhaps even simply great teachers) in/near Kerala?

Thank you!

Hi Astaneh,

Last December I was in Kerala and I checked out Aarsha Yoga Vidya Peetham (teacher name Bhoomaji) and I thought it was a really lovely school. He taught at Sivananda for many years before opening his own school. The location for most of the courses in at an Ayurvedic ashram. The class sizes are much smaller than at Sivananda and there was a really friendly and personal feeling. I wasn’t able to stay for an entire TTC course, but I was there long enough to feel confident to recommend it and I hope to make it back for the TTC myself someday. Hope this is helpful!


Sivananda Kerala is a great place. January is a bit crowded as it is the multilingual TTC and peak time for yoga vacation visitors. But the crowd eases off in February March. There are many schools which are “certified” but one needs to look at the length of the teaching tradition and the commitment of the acarayas.
I dont think there is any other school to beat this one. You could also look at Sivananda Madurai and Uttar Kashi which have much smaller classes, if that is a concern.

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