Best way to clean mats

what’s the best way/method to clean mats? what’s the best product on the market?

A yoga teacher I used to know used a washing machine, and I think they were the basic sticky mat she washed. It can take a while to dry this way according to her, so you would probably need two mats.

Personally I have 3 yoga mats, 2 sticky, I still use my first one for personal practice, had it over 6 years, practice daily and never washed it. My other sticky mat I use in class and for teaching, as it’s a light brown colour and doesn’t show marks that easily, it’s used less so it looks better.

Strangly enough I have a cotton mat, and sometimes on carpet, it works out better to use a cotton mat underneath a sticky mat!

Have you seen the special wipes designed specifically for cleaning Yoga mats? There is a company called Jo-Sha that makes them and I think Barefoot Yoga makes them as well. It is not a real clean, but if you use them after practice it will keep your mat smelling fresh.


I like to use the same soap that I use in the bath and to wash my veggies and fruits: Dr. Bronner’s liquid Peppermint Soap.

I dilute the Bronner’s with warm water and use a cotton cloth to wipe down the mats. Then I wipe them down with a dry cloth and hang the mat to finish drying. I find this works great without putting my money toward additional products or potential waste.

If you live in water-sensitive area, you can have confidence that this soap product will not harm the local water environment, or the larger environment, as it biodegrades; this makes it is a wonderful choice for Yogis with an eco-conscious.

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