Best Yoga and Meditation Retreats USA


Hi everyone,
I am trying to look for a yoga and meditation retreat in the US–one that comes highly recommended, and I am not necessarily looking for a luxury one, but low-range to mid-range prices are suitable. My time period would be 1 week to 10 days.

Any sound advice would be grateful.




not sure what your budget is but I found this article huffingtonpost .com/2013/04/20/best-yoga-retreats-2013-8_n_3117491.html that lists the top 8 rated retreats to go to. Try checking that out.


Sorry could not post a link, under 15 posts.




I’ve never been but a number of my teachers have retreated to, studied, lived and trained at:
The Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health a non-profit organization yoga retreat in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. 160,000-square-foot former Jesuit seminary.

These Kripalu trained teachers have been amongst the most gentle, intelligent and genuine I have met as I develop my practice.

I intend to train there.

I would encourage anyone with comments to please chime in.