Best Yoga Mat ... Anyone?

I’m long time yoga guy …
I’m currently using a thick Gaiam.
I also use a Manduka Pro Lite …
The Manduka feels stickier but harder, and the Gaiam feels softer.

Is there a really good all around yoga mat available?

I’ll pay whatever the cost … I’ve heard about Jade and Prana Mats but never seen one up close and personal.

Ps. After 15 years on numerous forums, this is the first I ever paid to join.


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Was not aware members had to pay to join now?
Certainly enough adds on this forum for that to be double dipping and counter-intuitive.

I’m studio mat phobic so I tend to buy a new mat if stuck rather than rent one but my go-to combo is a cheap thick mat placed under a super thin pilates style sticky mat. The combination is unbeatable.
I’ve resold Manduka pros and other name brands once back home because my cheapos are bullet proof. Neither sufficient by themselves. The cheapo would last a season and the sticky mat is way too thin by itself.

Add a thin towel for hot yoga or outside in the hot sun yoga and I’m done.

My biggest thing with the name brands is the smell, well and what’s in the smell.

84 views and only response !?!?!? :confused:

And I paid to join this Forum !!!

I did not know new members had to pay…how much?
Manduka and Jade mats are the only ones that seem to have consistently good reviews…other mat brands seem to get wildly differing reviews so very hard to say.
I think that different skin types/sweat types get on with different mats…so just trail and error to discover which mat suits you best.
Personally I have a thick manduka mat for teaching at my own studio and take a thin jade or manduka mat to put on top of other studio mats when practicing or teaching at other places.

I paid $4.95 USD to join, payable to David Chapman. I think charging people is a good way to run them off because no forum charges anymore, and those that did ended up folding their website/forum. Also, the charge could turn away knowledgeable Yogis.

Payment to join the community is a far more interesting topic than mats.
I don’t believe any of the current members were/are aware of required payment to join the forum.

As for the sparse replies my guess is that this is a topic covered several times before. But perhaps you searched it and didn’t find what you were looking for. And, after all, for $4.95 you should get some real-time reply:-)

As for the mat issue it is completely subjective.
There are some instances where a mat needs to be “sticky” and other instances where it that is not important. I personally use a pistachio PER mat (5mm) from Barefoot Yoga. However at the studio we use tapas mats from Hugger Mugger.

Some mats are smelly, others are downright toxic, and some are neither but have nasty stuff in them to begin with.

Mr. Kaplan -
Not fully understanding you. I had no choice but to pay to join. Upon registration, it said pay, so I paid … and yet some never paid? What’s up with that ??? :confused:

Thank you

It is real ! This forum has become subscription based ! But you must first log out to access the link below.

Sorry to not be more clear. How can I improve here?

I don’t believe that paying will turn away serious practitioners. Paying a small amount is a way of saying thanks to the people who spend their time on maintenance and moderation of the forum. I am a member of two forums where paying is optional, and a rather large number of serious members are paying either to avoid the ads, to gain a few extra functions of the forum, or just to show their support.

On the topic of mats I think it’s only trial-and-error that can resolve it for you. I have had several Prana mats and I love how soft they are, but they got worn out within one year and that annoyed me. Now I have a Manduka Pro Lite mat, and it works fine for my practice. I used to feel that I couldn’t do yoga without a soft mat because all sitting asanas used to hurt. Now that my practice has evolved I am less dependent on a soft support. Everyone is different of course, I just wanted to give an example of how your personal needs can both define your choice of mat but also how your needs can change over time.

Who else paid? Am I the only person who paid?

I was using a thick Gaiam mat then switched to Manduka Pro Lite from Dicks … So far the Manduka seems like a better mat overall. The Gaiam feels softer tho. I also need a travel mat and I’m using this one right now: [ Still unable to post a URL after paying to join !!! :roll: ]

Sul Sudda Eco Mat … It’s light and easy but moves a lot of the floor.

Bottom Line: I’m searching for a high quality Mat that is lightweight, soft and sticky.

I am willing to pay for the best …

Also, I need a travel Mat … The Sol Sudda Eco will suffice for now.

Thanks !!

I love my Jade mat. I don’t slip when I am sweating, and it cushions my joints because it is nice and thick. It is also made from rubber, not some petrochemically based product. It will decompose. Also, they are made in the USA.

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[QUOTE=InnerAthlete;83880]How can I improve here?[/QUOTE]

Let me think about it and get back to you …

Thanks for your concern! :stuck_out_tongue:

Try putting one of your mats on top of the other. It could just be the perfect combination of thickness and stickiness.

Hi all, If anyone is looking for a high quality yoga mat, check out MatMat. Eco friendly mats with amazing grip :slight_smile:

Various yoga mats have varied properties depending on the type of yoga you practise. As a result, yoga mats do not come in one size that fits all. If you're not sure, choose a good yoga mat that you can use for other activities. For yoga practices, purchase a suitable yoga mat.

Cork Yoga Mat
• Microfibre Yoga Mat
These are some of the best Yoga mats you can buy.

Cork Yoga Mat: Cork is a biodegradable, recyclable, and renewable substance. The outer bark of an oak tree is used to create it. It's one of the most effective replacements for a mat that contains potentially dangerous materials. It's eco-friendly and natural.

It has a nonslip surface and a firm grip, allowing you to keep your balance and avoid falling.

Microfiber Yoga Mat:
Microfiber is non-slip and improves grip as you sweat. Another excellent alternative for your yoga practise is it mat. It's also easy to roll out, son. However, be wary of the rolling edges. This mat is easy to clean and maintain with a cleaning spray available on the market.
Microfiber mats are comprised of a strong fibre material that provides great comfort for yoga-like meditation and sitting postures connected to yoga.