Body literally out of balance


Hi! I'm new here! I have a question.. Im born with a neck muscle which is too short/small/underdevelopped etc. The medical term is torticollis. Long story short, it causes my right shoulder to be pulled up. It is higher than my left. Also, my whole upperback, shoulder and neck area are affected all my life.

I can say that I am not in balance. Literally. Because of the difference of height in my shoulders. I notice it when for example standing in Downward Dog, my right hand is more to the front of my mat than the left.

I have adjusted tot this in yoga poses, in fact, yoga made my pain a lot more bareable. But my question is, can it be that because my body is physically not able to be in balance, my mind also has troubles with being in balance?

Thanks in advance!


I hope you are talking about Proprioception that is physical balance related to center of gravity and not about mental.

Normally brain is capable of handling different body orientations with respect to center of gravity. In case of accidents , it is little difficult for the person to acquire balance through rehab process and exercises.
So in short I don't see capability issue of your Brain to balance in 3D world.

it would be good if you mention why this question popped up in your mind.