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I am new to hot yoga and I have a 7 year old IT band injury and slipping is just a bad idea for me. So after 3 weeks I realized I can’t use a regular towel in my class. I just bought the breathe mat because of the convenience of all-in-one and someone on another forum recommended it to me. The rabbit flap idea I thought was a good indication they were designing it for my needs! I was wondering if anyone here had tried it (I haven’t received it yet) and what they thought.

I bought a Breathe Mat. The layers slip all over the place. It’s just an expensive towel - nothing more. The bottom layer is made of pvc and doesn’t grip tile floors. I’m trying to get a refund.

Same here :frowning: I wasn’t happy -I’m sticking with it because I have no choice and my floor is carpeted, but I was really disappointed. The company did work with me to help me with my concerns and were super nice -but I was still disappointed.

I do Bikram Yoga and have 3 Breathe Mats. I don’t have any problems with slippage at all but the yoga studio has carpeted floors. I just love these mats.

I feel your disapointment, I got a very expensive mat only to slide all over the place on it with the least amount of sweaty hand/feet moisture. I recently found a new mat called The Mat from Lululemon. It’s [I]very [/I]grippy especially when sweaty! I’m so impressed with it. Now, they recommend it for sweaty vinyasa yoga but I don’t see why it wouldn’t be good for Bikram/Hot Yoga so you don’t slip either.

Thanks for this discussion. Breathe mats are designed for use in Bikram yoga, on carpeted and flotex flooring. When used for its intended purpose, we’re confident that Breathe mats are the best yoga mats available. They absorb far more than a regular towel, in fact they will not ever soak through, they have more padding than a regular towel and they certainly offer more grip. In addition, they are designed to eliminate the need for a sticky mat, so they’re economically sound too. If a Breathe mat is used on hardwood or cork floor, you’ll find the grip isn’t there, especially if you are practicing any flow type yoga series. We try to make this clear on our website, and we work with people on an individual basis if they’ve purchased a Breathe mat for use on hardwood floors. In certain scenarios, they can work well with a sticky mat underneath, but they were not designed to so we do not advertise this point. We’re always testing new adaptations of our mats and consider every piece of feedback we receive, so continue to email us with your opinions and in the meantime, buy Breathe mats with confidence if you are a student of the Bikram method on carpeted or flotex flooring.

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I am a big fan of Breathe Mats. I practise Bikram Yoga daily and sometimes twice a day. When my wife and I were on vacation we were practicing at a studio in Charleston SC (downtown, if you are in the area you must go, what a great studio) and they had a week special that included a mat and towel and unlimited classes in the price, the mats were breathe mats, I was hooked. I sent an inquired to the company about their long mats to fit for my 6’4" body, promptly one of the owners responded with an answer. I followed this email with additional emails asking questions about how to care for their mats, all emails were responded to promptly. The mat itself has lived up to my expectations, I have since ordered new Breathe mats for my wife and I so we have a variety of colors and do not feel rushed when we are doing doubles. The mat feels like it sticks to the carpet at all of the different studios we go to in the area without any issues or ever moving. There are days when my mat is in the wash and I revert to the rubber mat and yogitoes towels, I require two towels which is still not enough because of the sweat I produce, by the floor series I feel like I am laying in a pond, this is [U]never[/U] the case with the Breathe Mat. I love the soft towel feel on my face throughout the belly down series. I hope I never have to go with any other mat and towel again. Thank You Breathe Mats!