Breathing exercise problema


Hello everyone.
As I was trying to find answers to my questions, I came across this forum. I am a new member and my question is why after every 2-3 days that i practice yoga- breathing exercise such as pranayama and kapalbhati, I fall sick. It has been many years, almost 4 years. Everytime I try yoga..i fall sick. Then i have to stop and then when I restart is the same problem.

About me:
I am a university student.
Came to a foreign country to study but had the above problem in my national country as well.
Only having simple stress for exams.
I am an asthma patient and also suffers from sinus.
Was taught yoga by a yoga teacher with whole family but it was only me who was suffering after.
Please help me out as people still suggest me for yoga for my health probs but I don't know who to ask why I fall sick everytime I practice yoga.


Pray for divine guidance. Chant the name of Lord Ram. It is the best form of yoga. The lord's name is all powerful! Trust! All will be well soon.


Search for Neem Karoli baba and Anandamayi ma on net. Follow their advice. Love God.


Could it be that yoga class no suits you ?
Even your whole family ok with it, it doesn't mean it suits you as all our body is different from others ( even family members ).
Try join other beginner class & do simple yoga, c it helps ?
Just my suggestion here.