Breathing question


Hi yoga experienced friends here,

Should we hold on our breath when holding any pose ?
Or should we breath like normal ?


While exercising any yoga practice, breathing speed should be kept as normal. If you practice respiration like Kumbhak, external pranayama, then at that time you can stop breathing.


NEVER hold breath for any reason in any form of yoga. It will harm you greatly. Only kevala kumbhak - stopping of breath naturally when the body no longer needs oxygen - is good! Any form of kumbhak is bad for you. Practice yoga with natural breathing for best results. An ancient yoga treatise mentions - The best pranayama is OBSERVATION of breath. Exerting any control over breath is a manifestation of ego and hence harmful. Good luck!


Hello, Breath reflects your mental state, you always should breath like normal, remember Iyengar, when the asana is correct your breath is also correct, sometimes you can breathe too much then you must relax and use this principle Sthira and Suka ( Stable and comfortable) in your asana and in your breath. Namaste
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in 1917, Sri Yogendra opened the Mumbai Yoga Institute and clinic. Yogendra added timed breaths to dynamic poses to increase the effect of pranayama. For instance Tallasana would be performed as 2 seconds breathing in while reaching up. Hold for for seconds (including breath) come back down over to seconds while breathing out. Hold for 2 seconds (including breath). This works extremely well in helping reduce congestion in the lungs, reducing the effects of asthma and consumpsion. Breathing should be normal for all static poses but, the timed breathing during dynamic poses is acceptable and beneficial to health.


Hi TQVM for your reply. Anyway, what is kumbhak & external pranayama ?
Sorry I'm just a beginner & no really all these meaning..


May I know what is kevala kumbhak ?
I'm jst a beginner & dont know the meaning of this.


TQ fr replying. What is lyengar, please ?
I'm new..


Thank you for your reply :grinning:


Actually my ques is about some pose like bridge pose or wheel pose.
When holding your back up, shall we stop breath ?
But from what u guys replied here, I guess we shld breath like normal.
Am I right ?


Indeed. Breathe as normally as you can.

I will mention that in Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) we will often hold our breath at the end of a pose, like say we are doing a spinal flex, or a breath of fire sequence. We will breathe through it and then at the end (say, 3 minutes later) we will hold the breath to focus all that energy and then release it.


I'm not that understand your explanation but I can understand just breath normally for my ques. TQ :blush:


We should always breath normal. Holding breath is advanced practice so it would be good for person to spend few year with natural breathing.