Bridge Pose


When I do bridge during strength and mobility exercise, my low back and body are happy, but I am NOT happy. I don’t like bridge. Somehow it doesn’t seem to open me, but just is tedious. I stay in the annamaya kosha (rest of the asanas and exercises I usually am joyfully experiencing them in 3-5 koshas) With the repetitions I feel like a school girl trying to finish writing the spelling words a certain number of times. I like and I like

Mangala replies:

If it does not feel right for you
I would not recommend that you do it .

With structural yoga therapy the goal is to always stay satvic.


The book says ten repetitions with 3 breaths at the top. I carefully do them with pelvic tilt and joined with breathing. Can I do any fewer to keep my commitment and get blessings?

Answer: Yes


Is there something this pose should be teaching me that I am blocked to learn?

Answer: From a physical standpoint
the pose is about developing strength and mobility of the spine . It a also teachers how to segment the various regions of the abdominal muscles . If you’re spine is not flexible and the vertebral bodies cannot move independently there may be some blocked energy there that is causing the resistance.


My latest adjustment to the Rolling Bridge as part of Strength and Mobility in light of your comments:
I enjoy doing the rolling part because the back rolls freely and the abdomen is strong. I just don’t like the static posture. So I am doing 6 rolling bridges - up and down without holding, then two rolling up and going into setubhandasana with legs straight and back supported and holding each for 6 breaths, then two rolling into Chakrasana and holding each for 6 breaths, that gives me ten rolling bridges and two static postures with repeats which employ and stretch the same muscles (I think).

Sounds good for you. I did all dynamic poses for years to rehab by buldging discs in my back. I just started adding static holds recently. In viniyoga it is common to do dynamic before static, or no static at all. Very vata balancing!