Buying yoga props online


Hi all, I just had a really bad experience with They have excellent supplies and a very enlightened-sounding web site, but that does not correspond to how they act. If there is any problem, their customer support person (Twig Holmes) does not answer emails or return phone calls. The company then claims it is too late to make a change. I am having to go through my credit card company to try to rectify this. Ordering from has been a most unpleasant experience and I would urge my friends to go elsewhere to buy.

On that note, does anyone know good online sites for ordering equipment?

Many thanks.


Thanks appreciate it!


I have purchased wooden Iyengar yoga props from Harcon Yoga in France. Excellent custom made props and excellent service both times. I can recommend them. They do also sell a meditation stools and general range of yoga accessories.


I’ve just had the most appalling experience with buying a whale backbender from Harcon. Happy to share if anyone is interested. Suffice to say that the quality was completely inadequate and they ignored my e-mails.


Possibly because ownership/management has gone from father to son?


I had the same bad experience with I have been buying on Amazon now. With shipping with Prime! You can’t beat that!


I’ve been trying to buy a Setu Bandha bench from them with no replies. I’d be interested to know how it went for you.


I have has pretty good experiences with my online shopping at if that helps anyone who is still looking. I just happened to stumble across this conversation and thought it's never too late to help out. Good luck!