Caitlin Sanders is a Scam Artist

People I know who are into yoga said they did a photography session to promote their new yoga studio. They hired a woman named Caitlin Sanders to do their photography. She's a scam artist. Caitlin approaches people at upscale events. She dresses very sexy, but even without the short skirt, she was a very charming lady. I too almost fell for her and I'm a woman. Weeks later, they called me up and told me that Caitlin had charged them high fees upfront and then given them photographs that looked like a nine year old kid had taken the pictures! She pulled a Jeffrey Epstein. She used her charm to lull people.

I did research on Caitlin Sanders. She's a scam artist with a rap sheet. I doubt she'll target the yoga community again because scam artists typically target one group of people and then move on. Just in case, this is a website to warn people about Caitlin Sanders: