Can hardly do any poses



I am very new to yoga. I do running multiple times a week. However, it seems like I can hardly do any poses. The child poses is one that I can do.

I cannot do seated forward bent. My hamstrings and calves hurt so bad that I can’t go down all the way.

Do I keep practicing or is it just not for me?

Basically looking to do yoga for my back and flexibility. Any advice is apreciated.

Is this even the right forum topic?


I can not run even a half mile! Adore one of my student (stiff as a rock) who runs 12 hours straight…
I bet you would hate to hear, that yoga is not about poses and not about what you can or can not do. It is like saying that running is not about cardio and endurance. But there are many other reasons why you run… right?

Yoga is for everyone. You will enjoy it. Keep doing, researching, do 70% of you can do in the pose. Try few teachers, I would suggest Iyengar teachers, they are the most experienced, it takes 4 years to get certified. Or just keep going to different yoga classes until you find the right one. Yoga is abundant: slow, fast, hot, cold, physical, spiritual, crazy, easy, funny…

Good luck, and I can do Skype sessions with you to help with flexibility and back, pm me if interested.