Can yoga help defeat depression?


Depression is a common disorder faced by people of every age group nowadays.
Yoga plays a key role in curing depression and brings mental peace, Breathing practices in yoga balances the heart rate and pumps oxygen into the brain, this all eventually leads to the opening of blocked brain cells and improve blood circulation.
Yoga is key in curing depression and other mental disorders as it brings stability and balance in one's mental order
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Shavasana, Bhujangasana, and Makarasana are the yoga postures that helps one to defeat depression. The regular practice of these postures activates Parasympathetic Nervous System and regulate Adrenal gland. This helps to beat Stress, Depression, and Anxiety.


There are many postures that cure depression: Balasana (Child Pose), Sethu Bandhasana (Bridge Pose), Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (Upward-Facing Dog Pose), and many others.