Can yoga improve heart health?

Our heart is an organ that works continuously even when we fall asleep. It is the most vital organ responsible for pumping blood throughout the body and so it is crucial to take better care of it.

Like everything in the universe, health to is an energy game, whether physical or mental, more so the last. They are interdependent also. Leave aside physical unexpected injuries.

Yoga is a code for life and includes its 8 constituents, the ashtanga. If followed, even to some degree, it has proved to have restored energy balance in people's lives, thereby maintaining or restoring good health. Even if severe damage has occurred, Yoga is helpful.

Yes, it is a process and not an event. Takes time to be effective and not for emergencies, where yoga and Ayurveda are the best options for heart health. To know more visit the kaivalyadhama’s workshop- Ayurveda and yoga for cardiac care