Cannabis and yoga? Thoughts?


Hi – thoughts on cannabis and yoga? Seems interesting!


I really enjoy combining marijuana (flower) and yoga. I feel more relaxed and focused as I go through my routine. It maybe psychosomatic, but I think it helps me get deeper extensions and compressions than I would otherwise.


This is not Yoga.........


Read the Sutras and follow the eight fold path.


I have smoked a lot of cannabis in my life, now aged 48. I started doing stretching while stoned, stood at my standing desk, listening to music. I found this great. I've now decided to stop cannabis for six months at least, whilst finishing my novel. At the same time I've started yoga and I don't feel the need to take cannabis again whilst doing yoga. I finish my yoga, I can't help smiling, my senses are heightened, I am at peace. I walk the dog and everything is beautiful, the woods and the sea. Yoga does all this without cannabis, it does it naturally. Cannabis is not necessary for yoga.


Cannabis seemed to have a tremendous effect on my asana practice; it appeared to improve my balance, flexibility, grace of movement, and ability to focus. I also felt like a gained a deeper understanding of various poses and how they were affecting me subtly. However, it was hard to tell whether those feelings were delusive, though it did seem like people started complimenting me more on my practice.

It was fun for awhile, but I've largely stopped using cannabis because it was negatively affecting my memory and motivation. I'm hoping I can achieve the same feelings and insights while practicing sober.


Cannabis is medicine an a sacred plant that you should use it with respect, Yoga is a complete system of well being, it doesn't limit anybody but believe me when you practice real Yoga you are going to be so hight with prana (vital energy) that cannabis is going to be medicine for particular cases like extreme pain and problems related to the nervous system.
Sumak Yoga from Ecuador