Can't find an answer to my question

Hello to all!

I am writing to you in the hope, that we may find together an answer to what has happened to my body. I want to note that I do not practice yoga, neither now - nor in the past. I'm not religious. I don't know how breathing techniques work (I smoke a few cigarettes a day).

I do not know how and why, but I began to influence with the nature, somehow I manage to absorb and give with my hands, feet and to some extent with a whole body, warmth. It feels like heat! I feel my hands slightly burnt - pinching and tingling. The body and legs are okay. I decided to bring that feeling up, starting from the fingers of my feets... reached the section between the anus and the testicles. There was a beat. I took it as a clogged valve. And this tingling, I began to perceive as a rush of blood. Where there is blood, there is strength. The valve opened and I felt a surge of blood through it. The problem was that for every breath taken, the strength weakened and the tide stopped until I took a breath again. The longer, the more enjoyable it is. It was as if something further stimulated this flap on the newly opened side and gave it a very pleasant feeling. I can compare it to a feeling of sex simply because there is no closer feeling. But no, it wasn't sex! I decided to ask my wife about her sense of orgasm. I've never opened this topic in front of her, but my feeling is identical to hers.. or at least very close. I searched the internet to find out what I had experienced and came across something very identical, with the only difference that it is habitual to gays - prostate orgasm.... ?! How is that possible? I'm not gay or into sex toys...

I could definitely direct blood flow wherever I wanted - leg, arm, specific points on my body, such as my back, a certain vertebra, a section of the head, etc. Let's go back to the prostate or whatever there is. I feel it somewhere more central... There was no way I could leave this thing like this, I had to continue with the rush of blood... Somehow that's how I felt it. It was as if I was giving life to an inactive organ, it was beating and just coming to life. Sometimes it felt like an opening, and sometimes it swirled. It's an amazing feeling, the sex was left far behind in experience. By logic, I decided that if it lasted long enough, it should knockout, right? And so it became :slight_smile: There was a stronger feeling - like... like... In my mind, it looks like a glowing liquid... Just the feeling the stronger it is, the stronger the idea of the color of what is moving in you... The movement resembles snake tracks. It reaches the area of my penis, maybe two or three fingers over. Again with ease, the influx enters and begins again that feeling of rotation and living of another sleeping organ. It reaches the top and knocks upstairs... My body feels tingling everywhere. There is a double orgasm... It reaches two - three fingers below the navel. Same thing again... I don't know how to describe such a feeling. I stopped there. I calmed the flow, but even though I could go on endlessly... After a few minutes, my body was almost at rest... But my head was thinking... What the hell is going on?! I've heard of chakras, but I never imagined it that way. I began to look for the experiences of other people who had open chakras, but none of them matched my experience. It is written about certain characteristics of people with open chakras, but not the process. I understood about the existence of Prana and its varieties, but not the process of interaction with the chakras.

I noticed changes both in my body and in my behavior in a positive way. My voice was a ton lower, strong feeling of love, Religions were all one, sexual power, appetite (food is very tasty), music feels differently pleasant, activity, low back pain and the pain in my leg just almost gone, my back did not hurt anymore!, my understanding of things improved - I had flashes to certain topics, weight loss (in a positive direction), conviction, loss of anxiety from failure, thirst for water, etc.

I didn't have any spiritual experiences, everything was at the body level. I could do it anytime, without much effort, anywhere, literally! I have not been unconscious or tranced, I have not applied any special skills - I just manage to direct my blood flow through the body.

I want to know if my experience has anything to do with yoga and if it is - what it is?

This has gained a completely different understanding of the world around me. I can't find the right words to describe in words, neither the experiences nor the changes within me. As a person and as a creature.

Thank you for your attention.