Children and yoga

what age children can safely practice yoga?
what are the poses/practice for starters.
Particularly that helps focus, concentration and raise awareness.
Thank you.

Yoga for Children

Yoga can make a qualitative difference to the lives of not only the special children but also their parents. Kaivalyadhama is striving to bring qualitative change in the lives of intellectually disabled children.

They had five month "Yoga for Special Children" program and some children were exposed to Yoga training five days a week. Initially, the yogic training began with simple asana practices and ‘Omkaar’ chanting. Over a period of two months it advanced to teaching children dynamic asana practices, surayanamskars and Pranayama such as Bhramari.

Yes, yoga can help with improving concentration :
Yoga poses and mindfulness exercises can enhance focus and cognitive abilities, making them valuable tools for improving concentration in studies.

By practicing yoga for students, we empower them with a holistic approach to education.

Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute offers programs that teach young learners the art of balance and concentration, equipping them with essential skills for academic success.

Explore how yoga can be a game-changer in boosting your child's study concentration at Kaivalyadhama.