Chinese Man Want To Be A Yoga Teacher


Hi, I'm from China. I just started to learn Yoga for a short time. But it gives me power, energy. I love Yoga. I want to be a good Yoga learner and become a Yoga teacher. Yoga can make me keep calm, change my breath. Wow everyday I'm so exciting when I join the lesson of Yoga. I practice every move. I hope I can learn more from here. I'm willing to know you all. Thanks for your time. Thank you.

Best regards from David.


Want to become a teacher (lecturer)?
Here i'm sharing the link from where you can get to know about the procedure to become a Yoga lecturer .
Check it out here - Becoming a teacher?
i hope it helps1


Thank you my friend. I'm new here. I think I have so many things need to learn. Could you help me find some article about yoga asana, breathing explanation.I really want to be a good learner, then a yogo teacher.


Becoming a certified yoga teacher takes time and lots of effort and more importantly passionate about yoga. Check out here how to become yoga a certified yoga teacher and let your passion be your profession.

Best of Luck!


Ah, thank you so much. I've read it. I'm a man who loves helping others. I think I want to be a helping guy. Yes, I'm sure I could be a yoga teacher. I just need sometimes to learn.