Christians Trashing Yoga

Have you encountered any Christians telling you that Yoga is demonic? That all poses honor Hindu gods that are really demons?

I have and it has made me frustrated. At this point Injust try to avoid the debate. If I had to make a choice between my Church and yoga I would choose yoga.


Yes, church is famous for projecting the own sins to others and in Germany it is very common that Christian churches really prosecute Yoga teachers because they are "sect"

Yoga asanas are just exercise, Yoga studios today have moved to being a fitness studio and also include Pilates. The studio I go to has many teachers and have their choice of music, sometimes mantra like or modern sounds.

You know you don't have to respond to what others may think.

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I just ignore them here, they look so ridiculous. once you grow out of fairy tales and get into serious game of 'actual practice' - it really makes them look so obvious and bad, I have made my own religion, and Jesus is in there as a noble teacher, like Krishna or Buddha.

at some point i said to myself. now onto practice David, you cannot be wasting time and mind on these bunch of idiots. but you know whats funny, they also think earth is flat, and everything from rocks to trees came just 5 thousand years ago.

its pretty clear at this point they are basically a group, who have interests in rearing and farming individuals and their following whom they can influence and control is key asset. So its normal to see how their 'collective ego' wants to put a fight and thrash everything else.

So my friend, just ignore them. stay away and don't waste any more energy then you should. if it poses physical harm or causes real issues, then move away from the place and get into a city where its more free.

the funniest thing is they even fight over whose Jesus is the real son of god and real authority on life. oh you better believe me, they have many mythical Jesus characters, from the well known catholic one to the less known version of supremacist Jesus etc in US. never ending craziness.

good luck.

I just tell them that cats are gods creation too and they love a good stretch, does that make cats demonic?

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Got to follow your heart.

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When you practice Yoga you became a mirror where people see their reality, for example, if somebody judges you for practice Yoga is just an image of their own problems don't make it your problem also, focus on your path. Blessings
Sumak Yoga from Ecuador