Complex medical condition

Dear Mukunda,
I recently saw a new student for a yoga therapy consultation who has a very complex medical history. She drew my attention to the fact that she has had surgery to fit a lumber-peritoneal shunt. However she said that she can cope most of the time but struggles with the whole thing at times and finds it hard to get out of bed. She works full time as a college lecturer and is in her mid 40’s. She told me that for 5 years she suffered severe headaches and during that time felt that she lost herself and only existed. My client was visibly upset and said that she had not had a relationship for 20 years and hates the loneliness of this and also said that she can’t have children.
We spent some time talking about how energy can become displaced and also about the idea of a multi-dimensional body that can go out of balance. She spent 10 minutes lying in the yoga therapy room and went through the practice of Yoni Mudra visualising energy being restored to its home in the solar plexus. I spoke to her about the importance of balancing energy at the brow centre firstly followed by the heart centre where I spoke a lot about healing taking place.
She said that she felt very focused inwardly and said while doing the practice, it felt that she was looking into a deep well where you understand the nature of things. She also said she felt the release of tension from her shoulder area and the other area where she felt a sensation was at her heart where she felt an ache. She told me she does not suffer from a heart complaint but did feel aching.
I will be more than pleased if you can put your interpretation on this for me Mukunda and give me guidance on how to proceed. I feel totally in tune with this client and can both see and feel her pain.