Connecting Yoga and Astronomy

Hey all,
I would like to share with you an interesting enrichment.
As an astronomy lover, I've been reading about the solar eclipse which is due to occur on July 2nd. I don't know if any of you have seen a solar eclipse, aurora lights or the lunar eclipse in your life time, but it's an amazing and magical occasion in the sky.

Imagine yourself taking your mattress outside and doing yoga while a solar or lunar eclipse occurs. Connecting to your body and soul and in between observing the spectacular image in the sky. I did it during the last lunar eclipse which happened this past January, and it is a once in a life time show. On July 2nd I'm planning on taking my family outside and teaching them how to do a handstand. Of course I'm going to add sun salutation and balasana to the flow.

I hope I interested you all in the wonders of astronomy. I love connecting my two hobbies.
I can't wait to hear your responses and hopefully how it went for you!