Cork Flooring

Does anyone have any experience with cork flooring in a hot yoga room? How do you go about cleaning it? Also I have heard that cork flooring is susceptible to water and moisture damage. Can anyone provide me with some insights.

I do not like bikram and hot yoga only for his reason, sonce floors getting molded, contaminated and smelly. I do not mind to practice it outside when it is 120F thought:)

Regarding cleaning the floor. Well, cork is like a hard sponge, I do not thing you can you a lot. Try ammonia or chlorine solution, it can be absorbed, kills germs, and evaporates quickly. Make sure you ventilate the room well after that.


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I taught at a studio with cork floors. They were cleaned just like regular floors. These floors had a coating on them though- so they weren’t like the cork out of a wine bottle- they had a sheen to them and they safe from water and mold.

The studio I taught at was hot yoga in 2 of the studios, and the cork held up well in those studios, it also held up well in the normal studios. It was also totally fine in the hallway from the entrance which was often wet on account of Canadian winters and snow.

Do an internet search on cork flooring. It’s a really great alternate to wood flooring- eco friendly, cheap, and has great durability.

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Cork flooring in a hot yoga room sounds like a unique choice! Cleaning it might require a gentle approach to avoid damage, maybe with a damp mop and mild soap. As for water and moisture susceptibility, it's essential to seal the cork properly to protect it. You might want to reach out to advantage lumber customer service for some tips on maintenance and protection. They could have some helpful advice based on their expertise.