Costa rica retreats


I would like to organize a retreat in Costa Rica, but want to put together the perfect package that compliments one’s yoga practice and balances it with the right amount of adventure. So, I’m doing some informal market research:

What would attract you to a retreat on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica?

Right now I think I’d like to include 2 excursions. One to the National Park, the other to a local waterfall. We’ll also have free surf lessons everyday. Are there other outdoor activities that think should definitely be included?

What are your favorite workshops/activities that you’ve attended on retreats? drumming, chanting, bodywork, journal writing, or other? i’m looking for something that might be not-so-typical or expected.

What kind of local workshops/activities interest you? would you like to have a guest speaker/artisan that makes jewelry, ceramics, or music? how about hearing from a local indian and their tribe? again, looking for creative, differentiating ideas to make it special.

Any other advice about what to do and what not to do would be much appreciated. Would be great to hear about “The Best of…” from others’ travels.

Muchas gracias y Namaste


you can do the zipline tours, I took the chiclets one and it has great views of hermossa beach and one of the lines if 1500 feet long. there are more all over the country. also the crocodile bridge at the tarcoles river, you can stand there and see thirty or so crocs at one time, very large ones as well. They also have tours where you see some dude get out of the boat and feed them

if you are on the central pacific, about 20 minutes north of jaco is a big waterfall, maybe 300 feet tall or so, sorry I dont know the name of that one. As far as I know it is the biggest one around. You hike up to it for 45 or so minutes and there are places you can go swimming in pools from that fall/river


i will definitely find out where that waterfall is. thanks for your input.


Are you planning one for 2018 :question: